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  1. So tomorrow is pay day for me and I've been thinking of picking up some new glass. Not something from like a discount smoke shop, but something from a local smoke shop that handblows their own glass. I'm not quite sure what the prices will be.. Any ideas of what a somewhat large piece with a big bowl should cost? nothing super fancy or anything. I'm just asking because my friend got 1 for 100 dollars and I might have paid 35 for it. I don't really know what to look for as far as getting a nice piece and got getting ripped off.. :confused: I'm drawing blanks. Can anyone show me pics of pipes and maybe what to look for as far as good high quality sturdy glass goes? I'm just looking for a spoon or maybe a sherlock or hammer. Thanks much for any input ;D
  2. for a decent spoon, you should spend at least 50 bucks
    of course you can buy less quality pieces, but they will be hardly art. but hey, some people really like squiggles and color changing glass I suppose.
  3. In my area a good spoon costs about 30$ handblown.
  4. yeah thats the problem with every pipe I've had. they are all just like 20 dollar discount smoke spoons that are cheap glass and not detailed. I want a piece that has some character to it. Something unique.
  5. They have some crazy ones at my LHS that cost like $500 and shit
  6. damn dude. my girlfriends brother has 3 bubblers that are worth like $1200 put together. some of them have this weird ass like diffuser on them and 2 chambers. I'd call them bongs but they are so... I don't know they are in weird ass shapes. I'll have to find some pics of them. They're fuckin' amazing. Then he has 4 big ass bongs that are like sheldon blacks and shit.. all diffused downstems and high end glass.. damn I just didn't even know glass could be THAT expensive

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