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  1. Hi Everyone:
    New here, this is my first post.
    I am a Colorado grower. Only for my own use (and sharing), I am a medical patient with a high plant count state license. That means 24 plants.

    I have 3 4x4 tents and 1 8x4 tent. The 8x4 is a veg only tent.
    The 3 4x4 tents are flowering tents. One tent comes off every month. Lots of fun.
    My three flowering tents use Bestvaled lights. I am on my 20th grow but only second with these lights.
    The lights are preforming and producing nice buds, however, one of them had 6 rows go out. The lights have a 3 year warranty on each one and all three are within the first year of use. My grow room is spotless, well maintained and all of the assets are hand picked. The few knowledgeable people that have seen it have called it impressive. Dehumidified, air conditioned and all around nice.

    Anyway, the light went out so I contacted the manufacturer thru their web site and I sent a total of 5 emails, none of which were answered. So I found a chat portal and eventually got the guy to respond.
    The light i purchased is a 1800 watt version. They quit making that version and went to a 2000 watt version.
    Here is his response.

    Hello ,(my name here), the led light stopped production ,there is no parts to replace ,very sorry for that

    So I pressed him and he asked for my purchase ID. I gave it to him and his response was and is as follows.
    FOOL ????

    So that's it.
    And now I need another light for my Gorilla Tent. And I was wondering what you guys might suggest. My current best guess as to what to buy is the Horticulture Lighting Group HLG 550 V2.
    I don't want to spend almost $900 on a light but I am VERY tired of cheap lights with bad customer service.

    See what I mean?
    Do you guys (non gender specific term) have any suggestions? I would really like some educated opinions. All price ranges welcome. I can spend the left over money on my wife and kids.

    Stay away from BESTVALAD. BESTVA LED Grow Light- Best Indoor LED Grow Light - Full Spectrum
    If you look at the Amazon reviews you will find lots of people that had the same experience that I did.
    Just my opinion.


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  2. Man you got to come over to the DIY quantum boards. If you try one you will want to outfit the rest of your tents with these, These lights have converted some of the most hardcore hps growers .
    2 sets of these will be just right for a 4×4 .
    ELITE 360 LED Kit

    I use these and have hit 1.4 gpw and 1.5 gpw on my last 2 runs.

    If you are interested in these you can get them even cheaper by piecing them together yourself and there is plenty of help on here for them
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  3. But what of a guy like me who wants one already assembled, tested, and warrantied... through Amazon, i.e.?
    Anything, yet?
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  4. Here is the same setup from hlg it literally doubles the price. But comes with a bluetooth controller
    HLG ELITE 360 .
    Also does assembly
    and testing for like $25
  5. Thank you!
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  6. Welcome fellow Colorado grower!!! IMG_20190629_082651374.jpg
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  7. I believe dudegrowshow has a promo for that light with hlg dude grows and it’s 20% off the 550

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  8. How do I find out how to get the deal? I am listening to his show but I think I need to purchase a membership to find any deals. I might buy it if I can find it easily.
  9. The 20% code is only good for these kits.... HLG 550 V2 (NON-RSPEC), HLG 550 V1, HLG 300 V2, HLG 300 V1, HLG Elite 360... To use the code go to HLG website and buy one of those kits, then go to checkout and then enter the code on the right side of the screen, then checkout!

    GrowLurker, check your PM(s) for the code...
  10. Shit, I didn't even know I had PM's.
    Thanks guys, I hope to get to know you all over time.

  11. The best deal on HLG lights is DIY. The qb132 boards with a meanwell HLG-320h-c2100a is over 300 watt capable and a little over $200 to setup. They're sold out right now. Lots of stuff sold out. They're usually pretty quick to get stuff back in stock.

    4 of these per 4x4 bloom area is probably what you want. Get a meanwell HLG-320h-54a for each two in parallel.
    QB96 Elite V2 Engine

    I run two of them myself.
    IMG_0916.JPG IMG_1108.JPG IMG_1188.JPG
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  12. 125$ for a 250W with the exact same diodes as HLG.
  13. 480W kit for 285 USD.
  14. I agree. You can probably get a comparable light for cheaper. However, only seen one of these board type lights fail and it was an alibaba version.

    I guess it depends on how large of an area you have but you can outfit a reasonable size personal grow with real HLG products for not that much. A little over $1 a watt. If you look at other high end reputable grow light companies that's very cheap almost half price compared to some.

    HLG also invented this board based led tech. All of these alibaba companies are copying them. Some cut corners. It was probably too simple of a concept for HLG to be able to patent it and Chinese companies would likely ignore a US patent anyway.
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    its just nice to know there is a cheaper alternative out there, because HLG is quite expensive especially in canada. the 550 v2 is listed at $1350 canadian, their DIY options are alot better but still well over double the price..i could buy 500W worth of the exact same boards basically on alibaba for about 400$ shipped..if you have the money for "legit" HLG then go for it i suppose. but im not really sure to what extent they actually invented anything. every led light is the same conecpt, diodes on a PCB, perhaps they invented this specific format. but all the other competitors are using the exact same diodes from the same factory. its all comparable. one is just cheaper. buying no name vs luxury products , alot of what you pay for is the name.
  16. HLG probably has good quality control and is easy to deal with in terms warranty vs a supplier in china if issues were to arise however.
  17. Keep in mind guys, EVERYONE said had god tech support. It turns out the warranty is good up to the day your light breaks, then not so much. I want some piece of mind here too, I guess. I really just want to buy a good light and put this too rest.

    BTW, those are some big plants you are sporting there in some of those shots, Tbone. I think I am going to move to one plant per tent and see how that goes. Your nugs are way bigger than mine. I grow GG4, Gorilla Cookies, UK Cheese and Kosher Kush. The Kush can do that, nobody else can. Nice job!

    I would buy a Chinese light if I had trust. But I don't.
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