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Need a net for my bowl urgh

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ColinFly, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. My buddy just gave me one of his old spoons that he don't use anymore.. problem is, it's missing the net that keeps the weed from sucking through. Really, I can't even pack it because the hole is a good 2cm in diameter so I've just been putting J's in the mouthpiece and hitting it out of the actual bowl. :smoke:
    So yeah, any good stoner tips on making a makeshift net for this bizitch??? :confused_2:

  2. If you have any head shops nearby, you should be able to get a pack of screens for like 25 cents. Other than that... plug it with a large nug, use a cleaned off pebble, buy a screen from the hardware store... choice is yours. :p 
  3. Haha I live right across the street from a decent little smoke shop, no screens though.. Guess it's not that decent than huh?
  4. I use a pebble as a screen for the bowl in my bong. works just as well as glass screen imo and free, hope this helps you.
  5. Break if up with your hands a put a bigger piece in the bottom then put the littler stuff on top
  6. I have not used one yet, but some people get a glass screen or a jak.

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