need a mold for making a chocolate bong

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  1. hello guys im new here so if there is a post about this already sorry. so me and my friends were talking and one asked if you could make a bong out of chocolate so I took her through the steps it would take and she said I should make one. I want to make one now the only problem is I don't have a mold for a bong so I can shape the chocolate into a bong shape and then I was gonna by a slider but I was thinking about putting some kind of plastic or alum foil in between the slider and the chocolate so that it doesn't melt the chocolate and then I was thinking bout keep it in the frezzer when im not using it so that it stay a bong and not a chocolate mess. if anyone has made one and can give me some tips or anyone has some suggestion please anything helps or if anyone has another way this could work without using a mold please don't be shy any advice can be helpful thanks and again if there is already a post about this sorry im new so I didn't know. :yummy:  :devious:  :hello:  :smoke:  :smoking:  :confused:  :bongin:  :confused_2:  :love:  :cool:

  2. once the chocolate warms up after 2 hits youll get shit-lipsSent from my iPhone.
  3. Cool for a one time quick use but do not put that back in the's gonna be a bong watery semi-melted chocolate mess in the freezer waiting for next time!

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