need a LOW COST grow room

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 420robert, May 25, 2006.

  1. I live with my dad still and i am going to grow some bud in my closet to begin with (during germanation) so i need a ghetto ass grow closet for that period of time

    PLZ help me :wave:
  2. Best advice I can give is don't grow in your parents' house, wait until you have your own place.
  3. 100 times a day thoes 2 things are said,
    1- dont grow in your parents house
    and 2- SEARCH before you post.
    search for stealth and youll find what your looking for.
  4. wats wrong with that i could just have the lights on for the day and lights off at night
    and this was only untill the germanation stage has compleated so that i can grow it outdoors

  5. The problem with 'that' is if you get busted, everyone in the house goes down. Even your dad who had no idea you were growing. Kind of unfair.
  6. then how could i germanate them....wont they die in the outdoors
  7. Sorry, your first post was kind of misleading. You don't need a grow closet to germinate just a tuppaware container and some wet papertowels, check out the germination 101 guide for more details
  8. oooh yes i know how to germanate i read germanation 420 but after you germanate i read that you should grow it indorros for about 2 weeks untill it sprouts and shit otherwise it will die
  9. Robert, you're missing the point. You do not have conditions under which you should be growing. Period.

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