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  1. Sorry about posting in the wrong place, but I need help fast.
    My plants are 6 weeks old and still in veg. In the last 24 hours, they have gone from looking healthy to drooping and losing branches.
    Each plant is in a 2 gallon pot with fox farms ocean forrest. I water them with 1/8 3-2-4 and also Karma.
    Last watering was on the 3rd.
    Ph 6.5

    Leaves are green and drooping toward the middle. Lower layers are a light yellow and then falling off.

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  2. Is the soil dry? They could just need water
  3. they look dry water them babys
  4. They look really dry I grow with the same soil in 3 gal pots and I use Ionic fertlizer. I go by the weight of the pot you can tell weather it needs water just by picking up the pot. For some reason some pots take in more water than others with the same pots and soil in each.:smoke:

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