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    Im not sure if you ever read my post, but in recent weeks I have been abusing Opana 40's. A serious Opiate ( stronger than oc 80) I would insufflate about a pill a day, never more but defiantly close to a pill a day. I have seen my self coming to the point where if was not fucked up at work, I can not talk to cliental as well or even my fellow co-workers. With that said, I quite approximately 3 days ago. Yesterday and the Day before were the 1st and 2nd full days.
    I believe I was not physically addicted, but this is how I feel.
    Slightly depressed, down in the dumps feeling you know? I couldn't sleep last night, slightly weaker, Im still in bed with my computer. These are all normal "withdrawal" symptoms correct? Wish the weather was a little nicer too.
    This is why I hate using drugs, the high is great. But the higher you are, the harder your fall.
  2. consider yourself really lucky. the mental shit sucks but once that stuff takes over your body its hell. i feel pretty depressed after a week of using amphetamines usually and sometimes the morning after a gnarly night of dancing with the opiate devil but you'll be fine. grats on puttin down the opanas. those things are pretty fucking gnar.
  3. you've got it easy. I know people that have come close to death w/d from opana.
  4. Take it easy for a while man, find yourself a soft place to land..
  5. Stick to weed man. You gotta worry about your future too. I don't know the effects of these pills, but im sure in 20 years your going to regret it....So do yourself, as well as your future-self a favour and just stop.
  6. If there is one thing i have learned for the box, it is you use drugs, do not let drugs use you!
  7. Bro we got ur back.

    + vibes/rep.

    You'll make it, you just need alot of weed and some time to soulsearch.
  8. stick to seasoned tokers man. do yourself a favor and just let the box be.

  9. youre making the right decision quitting, and props for having the self awareness to realize you needed to. I would recommend just using some weed for the insomnia and depression, maybe take a few days off from work and just relax, go for a walk or two, get some GOOD food in your stomach and get your head right. Best of luck, you'll be fine!

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