Need a little help with my box design...

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by OddSkeleton, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. I live with my parents still and they aren't having the whole growing thing. I need some sort of stealth grow... maybe a pc box? Do those make noise/light up? I need something 100% unnoticeable. I want at least a 7 gram yield. Let me know if this is possible or if i should just give up until i get my own flat. I'll check back on this thread a little later. :wave:
  2. Just wait til you get your own place
  3. yea... youll get caught lol. almost for sure. you can hid things well enough from people coming over and stuff, but to try to live in a place with other people who dont know you are growing is hard. Ive def done it, but it always just ends up failing or being found out.

    Best bet if you are set on it is to use carbon filters rather than ona gel because you will have to explain the smell of the ona otherwise. You could do it if you have a room to yourself and it wouldnt be weird if a new "speaker" showed up one day. Disguising a decent space as a tower speaker or woofer box is the best way hands down IMO. only noise is a computer fan and you can just turn that off if you really have to for a while...
    You gotta do a reallly good job building/painting/putting screen on it so it looks legit, but if you make it right, odds are you could get through a grow.

    That being said, the cost of doing it right would be 300 bucks at least, and your time. So, think good and hard about it lol.

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