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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by KB_124, Aug 2, 2003.

  1. Hey everyone.. I need some help with creating a bong on my computer. I mean, I have a great idea for a kickass bong, But need some help with making it on my computer. I've got PhotoShop 7.0.1, PaintShop Pro 7, AnimationShop, Lightwave, Illustrator 8.0, and ImageReady 7.0.1. as painting programs. Can anyone help me out with showing me how to make my bong on one of these programs? Thanks..
  2. Just use photoshop. It can be kind of difficult to work with unless yuove been using it a long time. It will only be a 2d image though, so why not just draw it with pencil and paper, then scan it and color it in with photoshop. Would probably be alot easier.
  3. I'd like to make this a 3-d image.. something you could look at and just be amazed.. What I'd really like to know is how do i show what looks like to be water inside a glass ? I figure once I've got the pic of the bong, i can start playing around with animationshop and fix it up to look like it's filling with smoke, and then cleared..

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