Need a little help wiring up a security light to remote ballast

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  1. I found a 100w MH that I plan on using for mothers/clones at a thrift shop and I'm attempting to wire it up into a remote ballast. I'm just using the housing as my ballast box, and removed the reflector/socket and drilled a few holes to thread the wires through.

    Basically, I have it all wired up, but now I'm trying to extend the wires that run from ballast to the socket... where to I put the ground wire, or is it not necessary? I grounded the wire from the power cord to the bolt that's holding down the ballast, but I don't see one for the socket. Do I just clip off the ground wire in my 3-wire cable and hook up black and white only?
  2. you should never clip off ground wires...unless you have lots of money to replace when something goes wrong and short circuits your light. But how you explained this is kinda confusing pics would help. ...if its from ballast to light socket don't worry about ground (correct me if im wrong anyone) but the ballast to power source NEEDS ground :)
  3. Okay, I did fine then, thanks for the help. Not my first time doing it, just couldn't recall.

    Basically what I was asking about was ballast to bulb. I purchased a 14/3 wire to extend the current connection so I could put the ballast outside the box. I just clipped off the ends of the ground so it wasn't exposed and used the other two.
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    You should be all good that's what I did to my warehouse lamp ha went from 40# to 4#

    Thanks for the +rep :)

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