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Discussion in 'General' started by melotone, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. This is my fist grow and everything seem to be going good until I strengthen my nutes. The problem is my Ice Bomb is yellowing and turning brown. The Lemon OG kush, Purple wreck, and Cotton Candy are doing great. What could the problem be. Why aren't they all showing the same signs?

    A little more info: 2x 135w led, 5 bucket dwc system, exhale co2 bag, Advance Nutrients pH perfect line

    Bottom left Cotton Candy 4weeks, Bottom right Ice Bomb 3weeks, top left Lemon OG 1 1/2weeks, top right purple wreck 1 1/2weeks

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  2. Well if they were ok before you strengthend your nutes thn back off the nutes on the sick plant! Some strains or even plants have very different nutrient needs and tolerances so that could be why the others are fine. That's my understanding anyway I'm on my first grow also
  3. Like Steve said back down on your nutrients and see if that helps, yellowing and browning tips could also indicate it's time to repot into a bigger container. Also it could be your ph or a cal mag deficiency, especially if it's more spotting than the whole tips being brown and yellow

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