need a little help from some experts..want 2 grow top grade

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by rastaman23, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. was gud 2 all d high grade smokers round the world im a first time grower in the caribbean with a homebox l for personel use jus wanted 2 know if this sytem was adequate for heat and oder protection(kneed help on size of filter didnt purchase 1 as yet) . a carbon filter 2 6 inch vortex 449cfm inline fan ducting to 600w buld in a 6 inch sunsystem cool sun relftor to outside of tent..blessed
  2. it all depends on what the temps are outside the tent. Are you going to be growing at night to keep temps down? I think you should use those 2 6 inch lines as exhaust and then have 2 more 6 inch lines as intake. Good carbon filters are pretty expensive to run - they add to the cost of your electric and put out additioanal heat, and the filters are pretty expensive. I would start out with just trying out some plug in air scents that release throughout the day... I think cinnamin covers wells.

  3. how do carbon filters add to electric and heat?
  4. Because there has to be a fan that pushes the air through the filter.. and if you have a big carbon filter like I do the machine puts off some heat.
  5. as you add resistance to your exhaust ducting with things such as bends, decreasing your vent size, or adding a carbon scrubber your fan has to work harder to push past the resistance. Your fan cannot just work harder without additional power being consumed, and with the additional power comes more heat.

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