need a little help from expereienced green thumbs please!

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  1. ive just recently decided (with advice from a trusted family member who was a wise green thumb in his day) to begin an indoor cultivation setup. i plan to use a 400-600? watt complete grow kit from and attempt to grow 4 hopefully highest possible yielding sativa, is this possible what should i do?

    which brings me to my next question, if i want a nice sativa head high whats the best tasting (preferablly sweet or fruity of course) and highest yielding strains?

    i may sound retarded but my experienced family member will only learn me on a very few things on this subject, he wants me to learn the righht way, which i respect and im fully committed mentally and to a decent degree financially to cultivating the finest cannabis i can to do away with the people who are ruining the herbs reputation with outrageous prices in my town.

    i plan to one day be on this very forum giving advice to people like me
  2. Get the 600. It's the sweet spot for hps.
  3. thanks for the tip thats exactly what i had in mind. ive been browsing attitude and th seeds and other seed banks but i still need a little help choosing a strain that best suits what im looking for as far as a good yeld and a sativa strain. do you know of anywhere else to look for a complete grow kit other than htg supplies becuase the only 600 watt kit i see is a little more pricey than what im willing to pay whenever the 400 watt kit is way less??
  4. Try satori mandala. It's strong, cheap (20 bucks), and oriental flavors. It's pretty sweet, but if you really want sweet buds, make sure you use a sweetener or a clearing agent with glycerin.

    A lot of people use molasses, but I think glycerin would have a cleaner flavor. I used ClearX and several people noted on the sweetness.

    Super cyrstal was MUCH sweeter, more oriental, but the bud densities were not as great and there was a lot of variation. Those were 70 bucks.
  5. with no limit financially as far as seeds go (and i would like to have 5 different strains, 2 seeds of each, all sativa or mostly sativa, and a good yield to be a sativa, if possible) i noticed the pick n mix feature on some seed banks and of course im a fan of the sweetness thanks for the tip on the clearX.

    my main goal here is to learn the right way, do things right, and later down the road become a green thumb myself ha. im really interested in the hobby itself.
  6. and with the lights

    600 is the most efficient hps. More lumens per dollar. If you want the best stuff, that's the what you need.

    A 400 will work awesome

    a 250 works pretty well for small setups. you could do 1-12 plants with this depending on how you grow. 1-3 for scrogg (screen of green), up to 12 for (sog sea of green)

    check ebay for cheap equipment, but its best to buy a nice ballast.

    I get my odor neutralizers from HIDhut. They also mask their shipment adresses
  7. sorry im new to this ha but whats the sea of green/screen of green deal?

    and i really appreciate the suggestion on the satori mandala, i read some reviews just now and its exactly what im looking for thats 2 seeds selected! i also think i wanna go with 2 laughing buddha seeds, what do ya think? what other strains do you recommend, got 3 to go if the laughing buddha is a good choice

    i was definitely going with the 600 watt high pressure sodium on four plants my first go round to begin getting my green thumb skills up ha. what do you recommend i do about finding a 600 watt hps in a complete grow kit?
  8. I can't really recommend any others, because those were my prime pics. Silver haze looked nice, but i'm not sure it's what you want.

    God bud if you can find it produces 900 grams per m^2, and my all time favorite God's Gift, which is infamous and next to impossible to find.

    Really, i'd start looking up cannabis cup winners and then cross reference those to

    As for sea of green, it's a dutch grow method. You veg for only a short amount of time... usually 30-45 days or so, then you flower. You use 1 gallon pots, and have a lot of plants. Screen of green is the polar opposite. You veg a couple plants out as long as is needed and run it under a horizontal net. When the net is full you flower. Each place the plant bends over will grow a new topper. You trim new growth back under the net once developed.

    You'll have to do a lot more research to get the full details. These techniques are easy to find if you search the acronyms SOG and SCROGG. I'm pretty sure there are stickies even.

    You will also need to learn about Topping, FIMing (f#$k I missed), and ether cloning or seed harvesting (selective pollination)

    selective pollination is riskier than cloning, but the results are worth it in my opinion.

    If you learn all of that you will be able to grow like a champ.

    Let me recommend a book.

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