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Need a little advice on what to do after dry ?! Please

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Cheef Ghost, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. So I have 10 Girl Scout cookies plants that I cut down 11 days ago . I am doing a whole plant hang method they're in a sealed room at 60 degrees and 60 % humidity and looking great and smelling awesome so far . I plan on trimming them at 14 days and then placing in jars .... does this seem correct ? I'm trying to get the best info I can and the best taste and smell .. thanks for any help as always !
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  2. i only dry for 4 days lmao and i have no humidity
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  3. Well I like a slow dry for better taste and smell . Read up on it or look into what the jungle boys do , they do a full plant hang for roughly 14 days at 60 degrees 60% humidity and swear by it . All I'm asking is: someone with experience please advise me on what to do after the 14 day hang dry ....? Thanks
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  4. Also watch Marijuna Mania episode # 4 on YouTube and you will see what they say about the 14 day hang dry 60/60
  5. It sounds like you did your homework on the slow dry.
    I would be concerned about mold with the RH and Temps being the same like that.
    I was told to dry it at 68F and 62%... just like we want it in the jars, and it should take about 2 weeks.

    After that, trim it up so it's ready to smoke and place the buds in wide-mouth mason jars with an accurate hygrometer (+-5% accuracy won't help much, I recommend the Caliber IV hygrometers).

    Check out this post, its the best info I have seen.
    Good cure info here
  6. Yea from my research i basically got the idea to stay away from humidity just to dry it in lettuce to add a little extra moisture
  7. I trim when I chop and then wash. So mine probably dries a bit sooner than yours. Mine dries in 1.5 - 2 weeks. Also I don't hang whole plants, but just hang branches. I learned from reading here that when you can bend a stem and hear it crack, that's dry enough. So that's my rule of thumb.
    After the dry, I have found that jarring the buds for at least 3 months actually seems to increase the potency like half as much more. Smoking a sample when dried, compared to being jarred for 3 months is like my weed just got an extra little kick in the ass. I've had others notice the difference, too.
  8. but you grow outdoor correct thats why you do the wash for indoor i personally dont wash but my outdoor i do especially because i had problems with aphids
  9. Yes, I grow outdoors. I can't afford to grow indoors. I tried and my budget just doesn't allow. I failed because I could not figure out how to work around what I could not afford. And outside is convenient anyways. At least for me. There's way more room out there and keeps all the gardening mess out of the house.
    But even my 2 indoor grows I noticed a difference with washing. You see, I'm kind of a wuss and I use a bong because I need to tone it down by pulling it through water. I found that washing makes it just noticeably smoother. It's not some kind of gospel etched in stone. It's just a preference and I'm glad I found it. I understand most people don't wash their weed. I'd still smoke with them if offered. Hell, most people don't even cure their weed. Too much of a hurry to just bag it up and sell it.
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  10. Youre right tho.and my first indoors were a struggle with no equipment had such low yields lol
  11. So I must post this update : I just jarred up all my plants after the 14 days of 60 degrees temp and 60% humidity and wow!!!!! All my plants turned out waaaay better than before and they sttiiinkkk to high heaven !!! Currently keeping them all in jars with Boveda 58% humidity control packs and opening the jars for 30 min a day so they can burp/breathe .... things are really looking awesome and stinky !!
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  12. Did the stems crack when u dry wanna make sure u dont get any mold after a good harvest
  13. If you hang an entire plant upside down without trimming first, you could get mold from the fan leaves.
  14. I
    I did have one plant that had mold on the largest cola ! I think it's because I didn't remove a couple of the fan leaves (which I will do next time !!!) I tossed that large cola and very carefully inspected the rest ....all looked great but that one ! I'm still undecided if it happened in the grow room or my dry room ???!!!! Any insight on that would be greatly appreciated
  16. I would have smoked that cola anyway.
  17. God I hope not lol

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