need a high yielder..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by skully, Jul 12, 2003.

  1. I need a really high yielding plant.
    Can anyone give me a name of a good plant and a reliable seed bank?
  2. i think mango is a pretty good yielder.

    Big bud does some nice yield.

    top 44 good yield.

    anything that has been a big commercial producer is pretty good at yield but if u want the mostest??? ...alot of people grow northern lights for alot of indoor yield. there are alot of commercial crops that have NL crossed for that reason of fast and yield. prob the fastest/most per time frame. dont think u can do better than pure NL or NL #5.

    imo...NL doesnt have the taste that some others do. i dont do commercial so im into taste and willing to spend a few extra days.
  3. ok..i'll check those strains out.

    what about chronic?...that seems like a pretty high yielding plant.:)
  4. Froggy...right now im growing 2 northenlights#5-blueberry.I didnt top the plant though and dont know what my yields going to be...its 2 more days till the fourth week of flowering..and it doesnt look like alot...maybe i need to wait a little longer i guess.
  5. durban poison.

    As far as seedbanks: Seedsdirect or Heaven's stairway
  6. hey doesnt it seem like ive posted more than 300 times?
  7. hm...4th week and not alot u say?

    should be starting to put on some serious growth by now.

    its got enough roots? and room in the pot?
  8. blue berry takes a while...but NL is a faster one.

    i havnt grown the mix till now and they are just seedlings so i dont really know but seems like its not a real late finisher...maybe 60-70 days.

    gl and let me know how it turns out...and im about 2 months behind u.

  9. I could have sworn you posted 300 times bitching about hermy white widow plants :D
  10. Hey froggy,
    Id say theres about an ounce or so on each plant so far.Like i said i vegged it to be a foot in 24 days..its a great sure your more experienced than i..this being my first grow and all.Im sure it'll turn out better for you. one gave me any input about getting chronic says it has a higher yield than any of the other plants you all i missing something here?
  11. hey BPP...still got 5 seeds
    someday after i cool gonna try those out again but dammit i had hi hopes for those too. i was just starting my own 'lines' and thought ' jeeze what a great idea...i know who mama is'.

    oh well...just goes to show u. girls are girls and boys are boys and that's the way mama nature made it.

    as to chronic...

    i think that the term 'chronic' is a general term for quality bud. correct me if im wrong but my guess is most of the stuff being sold as 'chronic' would be NL or top44 or Bigbud...etc mentioned above.
  12. oh really,
    It looks like alot bigger plant than the top44 and,heavensstairway and others have some pics and info on chronic...its a friggin huge could be right though i dont much about it.

  13. I wouldn't call NL or Topp 44 a "chronic"
  14. I like the Pot of Gold from the Flying Dutchmen. Big Poppa Puff informed me that they aren't very well known here, but I like them. I've gotten up to 500gr./m2 out of this beautiful plant This one is 463 grams of heavy stonedness...


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