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  1. So i was cussing the rain for all it's worth and realized i should actually be thankful because it showed me a problem I'm going to have pretty soon.
    The weight of the water on my colas is bending the entire stem they're on :eek:
    Bare in mind this is my first outdoor grow and i didn't plan on these growing to heights reaching 6 feet.
    Some have 3-6 stems i have to support because they're a little over a month into flowering.
    So my question is, what would you guys suggest i do to pick them up? I thought of dowels, but that's kind of impractical in this case. Any suggestion is welcomed at this point :rolleyes:
  2. tie the plant to a tree if possible? Don't know your surroundings. You could also buy those 4ft bamboo stakes and tape 2 together and secure them with those.
  3. I had thought about that, but the bud sites are around 5 feet up. Idk, it may work.
    I was standing there lookin at them (in the rain) a lil bit ago and im debating finding a way to anchor them to the fence behind them lol
  4. Home Depot! a growers kionda best friend, they have 1x1 that come in 8 ft lenths. shoud work great, my hops were supported by them
  5. Dig a hole put them in about 2ft deep. Should be fine if not you can get some stakes and some wire and support the 1x1 by anchoring with the wire.

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    Appreciate all the input guys.
    I would totally do the whole dig a hole thing, but I'm in the SE. This stuff is hard as hell clay, not fun to try to dig at all.
    The 1x1 idea is probably the most reasonable idea so far, but given i have the fence next to them, I think I'm going to try staking them on there as a temp. thing.
    Edit: I had an idea but I'm not sure how this would work.
    I have a lot of chicken wiring type stuff and some chainlink fence left. Would wrapping it around affect growth outdoors enough to notice? For the size of these plants it may be a bit more practical.
  7. So instead of going out and getting stakes and whatnot, i did a variation of an outdoor scrog xD it'll support the tops just enough so that they dont keel over and snap. They're really droopy right now thanks two day2 of constant rain :/
    Sorry about shitty quality pic, it's raining and its only 2mp xD

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  8. Very nicely done.

    from the dungeon
  9. Thanks. All i can think of in such a pinch. If it doesn't stop raining though, I'm screwed.

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