Need A Grinder Scale?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by ErdayToker, May 21, 2013.

  1. Hello Blades,
    I need a grinder and I plan on just going to a smoke shop and picking up one! Are there anything that good grinders need other than pollen/keif catchers? Also, what is a good scale that I can scale 1/4th's with since I'll be picking up my first one soon!

  2. American Weigh Scales always makes a quality product.
  3. Sharp stone an aws have worked great for me grinders are usually the same
  4. Buy a metal grinder with kief catcher, it's really worth it!
    Mostly when you run out of green.. just take the kief and smoke that shit 
  5. I agree with the AWS scale.  make sure you get one that's 100th of a gram and not a tenth.  You can find them on Amazon for under $10. I just ordered one actually, supposed to be here tomorrow. 
    As far as Grinders go,  look for one that looks like it's pretty solidly milled.  give it a few twists, make sure there's no metal on metal going on.  No one wants aluminum shavings.  The threads are also something to look at, because you don't want to get cross threaded.  
  6. I personally own a Santa Cruz Shredder and it has been an awesome grinder. They are more on the spendy side like Space Case, but you get what you pay for. I for one would spend the extra $30 or so and not have to worry about metal shavings in my medicine. Scale wise the blades are pretty good.

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