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  1. About to commit to ordering some seeds and I'm wondering where ya'll get yours. Looking for a Sativa, Indica, and Reg Auto. I've been on multiple sites already but every time I search for reviews I find negative things.
    I'm looking to spend about 80 bucks so I'd like to get as many seeds as possible, including freebies for ordering.
    If you don't want to post it in the thread could you message me?
    Please and thank you kindly

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  2. The only one I've used is ILGM...had no reason to switch...
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  3. The vault! Good people. Worth the investment and they always got freebies
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  4. What happened to your seed order with MSNL?
  5. Money came back to my account last night. I'm trying to get the most out of what I spend now. Got to really browsing and there are SO Many seed banks. Free seeds here, free strains there, discount codes, etc. I'm hoping someone can help find the best current deal.

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  6. ILGM is legit? Just the name had me cautious...

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  7. ABSOLUTELY they are legit......have ILGM seeds in my grow room as we speak.....great genetics!
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  8. These are the breeders and seedbanks that I have used without issue. You'll have to decide the best deals.

    The Vault
    Growers Choice
    Peak Seeds BC
  9. I was wondering if there's a difference. Do the seed banks just buy in bulk from the Breeders and resell?

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  10. I just looked through everything they offer and as the saying goes, It's too rich for my blood. I'm probably going to go with either MSNL or Seedsman. Mephisto looks good but its cash only rn.

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  11. I've bought from and grown MSNL and Mephisto....great sites too IMO.

    My seedsman order will be here in the next few days....
  12. Super pleased with what I finally chose!
    I couldn't decide on one Bank so I went with Seedsman and MSNL
    Paid for:
    Gorilla Candy Feminised
    Peyote WiFi Feminised
    Kilimanjaro Regular
    Syrup Auto Regular
    ... and got these for Freebies:
    Gorilla Candy Feminised
    Peyote WiFi Feminised
    Kilimanjaro Regular
    Alaskan Purple Feminised
    Cheese Feminised
    Strawberry Cheesecake Auto
    Northern Lights Auto
    I should be set for quite a bit. Lol
    Both companies have a Guaranteed shipping that costs a little extra but they'll resend for free until they get the seeds to you.
    Now the question is, Which one first? I only want to handle one strain at a time b/c I'm new to indoor growing.
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  13. I've used Herbie's Headshop. usually has interesting Clearance items.
  14. Got some Mephisto autos in seedling stage right now. Paid like 45$ and received 8 seeds.

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  15. Mephisto has some gooood genetics IMO
  16. is where I go.
    3 Gelato Fem seeds
    5 White OG Fem seeds
    3 Cheese Fem seeds
    All 11 seeds for 45 bucks. The cheese were freebies. Huge assortment of breeders and strains.
  17. 10+10 Free seed sale until tomorrow 20190830_210032.jpg IMG_20190829_073357_288.jpg 20190829_073207.jpg

    follow me @ILGMstrainreviews on Facebook & Instagram
  18. You guys need to check out some good breeders. Ethos genetics being one of them.
    Ethos banana hammock
    Ethos purple sunset

    Seedsherenow is good site as is Maine clone company.

    But here’s a good cheap one. Seedsman blueberry. After about 5 nodes, roughly a month In veg, top the hell out of all of it, and cut the first bottom node off. I take two huge clones with that.
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