Need a good cheap portable vape quick.

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  1. Hey. I am looking for a portable vape that costs around 100 dollars that could fit in my pocket or bag and not one of those big vapes that you even plug into outlets. I am NOT looking for vapes that vape oils and dabs. I am looking for a portable vape that you use dry weed with like what i use to roll js and pipes etc... 
    I tried the MFLB and did not like it. I need opinions on which portable dry weed vape to get that costs around 100. 
    Thanks!  :smoke:

  2. Why didn't you like the mflb? Its the only suggestion I have but I'm sure someone else will be along soon.
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    Wait for the grasshopper if you only want to spend around 100. It comes out in February.
    You have to get on the waitlist to get one as soon as possible.
  4. The Lotus, the Firewood, the Vapor Genie. They all do herbs well.
  5. I personally would spend that 100 on a hand job from that Booker on the corner by 711 and a 1/4 of weed.
    Most all vapes have a learning curve with the MFLB having one a bit steeper than most.    For a 100 bucks, the MFLB is a great little vape.    I've found that for most that end up not liking it after trying it is because of a few things:
    Bud not ground fine enough
    Hitting it too fast
    Batteries not charged correctly
    And generally.............just not using it correctly.
    You can see from my sig that I have owned quite a few vapes and have used twice as many as what's in my sig and I can categorically state that the MFLB will get me just as high as all of them, and higher than some.   For me, the only thing that is lacking in the MFLB as compared to some other vapes that have an all glass air and vapor path is the taste.
    Wow, yea, that is an amazing vape it looks like, and is the perfect vape for me. It's portable and very easy to use with great quality build. I will probably end up buying the Grasshopper Pen Vape, thank you. 
    But I do have a couple questions first. Is the vape meant for dry herb use, because I just want to use dry weed grind it up and then vape it? Also, do you think headshops around me will start to sell this vape as well, or will i only be able to order it online? 
    It is meant for dry herb.
    Headshops will probably start selling them eventually, but they would overprice them. Online would be the best way honestly.
    Go on there and get on the waitlist so you can get yours faster..I'm on the waitlist as well. You have to verify your email when they send it to you too.
    I don't know where or how to order it. Also, is the package discrete and will my rents find out about it if I order it, because I want to be discrete and quiet about buying it. And will I be able to purchase the vape with a american express/visa 100 gift card that I can get at cvs?
    You can't buy them yet, they will be released next month. Google grasshopper vaporizer, go to the website, and put your email in the section that says join waitlist.
    I don't know the answers to the other 2 questions..impossible to answer at this moment.
  11. Last I heard the grasshopper wont be cheap when its actually released.
  12. I rave about the Lotus all the time on here, it's a damn good vape. It'll last forever too. You do need a torch though. If it just needs to be temporary you could always get an mCig, they're $10.
    I heard it was actually gonna be like $150-180. :eek:
  14. [quote name="JWest" post="19387618" timestamp="1390428520"]I rave about the Lotus all the time on here, it's a damn good vape. It'll last forever too. You do need a torch though. If it just needs to be temporary you could always get an mCig, they're $10.[/quote]I agree with this guy. You could buy like 9 mcigs for that cost. And if it breaks then fuck it you have 8 more of em Everything better with a bag of weed.
  15. You could try the Pax vape??
  16. arizer solo about 150 on ebay

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