Need a girls opinion. Teeth important in looks?

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  1. I'm just wondering how important teeth are to a guys appearance, in a girls opinion. Because my four front teeth are a little spaced out/messed up, and it's basically my only complaint about my appearance. I'd get braces but they SO DAMN EXPENSIVE.

    So i'm wondering if semi-bad teeth are a dealbreaker for girls. My teeth aren't yellow they actually pretty white they're just spaced out.
  2. Braces are worth it. Start saving.
  3. Man I am so happy I had braces when I was 13.

    Although OP I hear there are these behind the teeth braces they got now. Its like regular braces but they go behind the teeth so you dont look like a fool and they are really only designed for the teeth that show which seems to be your problem.

    I heard it on the radio one day. I wish I remembered the name of it.
  4. 3 years of agony and pain. Worth it.
  5. Yes and no.

    There are scary, horrendous teeth out there that should be fixed immediately (like those that impact speaking, eating, general life..etc)

    Then there are teeth that add character to people - gaps, etc. I mean, look at Madonna, she's got a gap but that doesn't seem to stop her.

    However, there is something inherently sexy about a guy with fairly straight, white teeth. Smiles are the best.

    I'd say if its really impacting your self-image and ability to get women, then...go for braces.
  6. Coming from someone who used to have very crooked teeth, yes the braces are worth it.

    I still have them, unfortunately. I was stupid and never got braces until i was older, but it definitely worth it... even at 21. Next year they'll be off and I'll be fucking sexy.

    I don't think the crooked teeth thing matters that much, but why not do something for yourself? Don't YOU want have have beautiful straight teeth? No more keeping your mouth closed in pictures cause you're self concious and when you look in the mirror you'll feel better.

    My boyfriend has a gap in his teeth and I LOVE IT. It's so cute.
  7. I was gonna post something about this. Cuz i have a chipped front tooth that makes me look pretty goofy imo. I always say i look like Jim Carrey from Dumb and Dumber.

    Its not a real tooth, its a crown so it doesn't hurt or anything but i always thought of it as distracting.

    The best part is i really have no clue how i chipped it. I went to the county fair one night and got way hammered. I woke up the next day minus my shirt, phone, $40, and part of my tooth.:D
  8. Uh, the only thing that has ever added "character" to Madonna is the size of her bank account. Take that away, and you're left with a rather unattractive "woman" if you ask me.

    Same goes for talking about someone like Ah-nold too. Needless to say, women weren't flocking to him back in the day because of the size of;)

    To your point though, no, having these physical traits never stopped these people from achieving what they did, so I guess it depends on how badly it's affecting the individual.

    And I can understand them continuing to live with it instead of having it fixed. What I fail to understand is shit like Trumps hair...I mean seriously...
  9. Invisalign.
  10. They are worth it. I had braces twice, because I got them at a really early age the first time and the practice I was with at the time was horrific. Junior year of High School I realized how important a perfect smile was, so, despite my age, I decided to get braces again, this time, however, a large portion of it was out of my pocket. Thousands of dollars suck when you are working a lame high school job, but it was worth it. I now have a great smile due to braces and keeping up with retainers, care, etc... I would recommend it. It will cause a major increase in your self esteem as well as your physical appearance. Looks aren't everything, but improvement on occasion is nice. Good luck.
  11. I kind of don't like the gaps in my teeth.

    i'm 24 now so I don't feel like walking around with braces i'll look like a total dork.

    my teeth aren't too bad though I just have a gap in my front teeth but my teeth aren't crazy crooked or whatever like some.

    I think as long as you don't have crazy crooked or messed up teeth then braces aren't really necessary. just make sure you go to the dentist regularly to clean them.

    people with yellow teeth gross me out.
  12. yup.
    my teeth r jacked.
    praise the load im getting them fix.
    true story

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