Need a formidable vape for my homemade oil

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Eyegethi420, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. Let’s get right to it. Ok So I’m not sure if what I’m making is oil or not. I will go to the dispensary and buy wax like live sugar or live resin and melt it down in a glass jar with the ingredient PG that's in e cig liquid ... then I put it into my nutulis mini tank vape and smoke it . It does the job quite well actually The only problem I’m having is I can’t get my coils to last more than a couple days so I’m guessing the coils cannot stand up against this mixture I have and I need something better. And at $15 for a 5 pack it’s getting to be a little bit of a hassle as often as I need them..When I melt my mixture down it’s pretty clear and sediment free so idk....any information at all on a Vape that will work for what I’m doing is greatly appreciated
  2. Use a rig to smoke the wax instead or making it into e liquid??
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  3. I could . But I like the vape better because of no smell, easy pull out and put away and i assume it’s healthier then smoking
  4. Use a wax pen friend
  5. do u know of any good ones ???
  6. Apex Wax is awesome!
  7. You will always have to replace the coils even with a good wax pen.

    Sucks but the cannabis matter gums up the works as you've seen with your eliquid mix as well.

    Even straight "nectar collector" straw type dab tools you must heat with a torch need to eventually be cleaned. That reclaim will eventually collect inside and mess with performance/taste/usability.

    If you rebuild your own coils with a RDA (rebuildable deck atomizer) WITHOUT any wicking agent you can smear a bit of wax onto it, take a toke and then even dry burn off the remnants but it too will eventually need to be cleaned, or coil replaced. If you do make a traditional wick for the atomizer using cotton, ekowool, or even ceramic, it too will only last so long.

    You CAN clean used coils in some high proof alcohol, even better if you use an ultrasonic cleaner but it's a bitch no matter which route you go, hah hah.

    The heads for my Huni Badger battery operated nectar collector are 19USD a pop! That shit is ridiculous after a year. I barely use it anymore.

    What I used to do when making my own cannabis eliquid was buy those disposable juul pods and refill those a few times then toss them after. Replacing the wicking agent it possible but after a while it was too annoying, wouldn't be as reliable, etc.

    The NJOY vape that has disposable pods is way over- engineered and uses a ceramic atomizer. If I needed a solution that's what I'd do, empty those pods (or vape them as I still use nicotine vape) and clean and refill them with the canna liquid. Bet it would work really well. I have refilled a few with nicotine salt liquid and it's definitely doable.
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  9. You just put the oven/coils in the oven for a few minutes on high to reclaim it and vape again.
    My nectar collector does just that, collect nectar. You heat it up and vape it again. Easy peasy. Best and cleanest way to medicate imo and I’ve done it for decades.

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