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  1. These clones all range 3-2-13 to 3-27-13 so they are all 4-7 weeks old. I transplanted the root cubes into soil pots when I got them about a month ago and have been vegging under 400 HPS. This is my first grow. I am in the process of building a larger room for them in one of my detached shops. For now they are in my closet. So here are a few of my questions.

    Since they are growing so lovely in soil and drinking water why should I mess with chemicals and "nutes"?

    Why do some of the older leaves turn yellow?

    Should they be taller than they are? Tallest is 11"

    When should I take new clones from these? How long does the stem need to be? What stage should the plant be in?

    What is the best temperature and humidity level for flowering 12/12?

    I appreciate any comments and tips. Thanks a bunch!

  2. ur older leaves turn yellow because it needs nutes. the plant itself and soil only provide so much. not sure about cloning. flowering temps should be the same mid 70's, rh 40-50
  3. Okay well they were in the root cube longer than I think they should have been and all the new leafs look dark and rich. I picked up some flowering nutes today i'll water them with it till harvest from what I read. I'm still researching the clone business. I thought I needed to cut them before I begin 12/12 began. But they aren't quite tall enough with enough nodes. So I am not sure if I should just go ahead and cut them or wait till they stretch more. So much to learn! Thanks for the temp and rh numbers I appreciate it. If anyone can chime in with good clone cutting tips or a link I'll appreciate it.

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