Need A Decent Laptop - Any Recommendations?

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by Taniwha, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. So, I'm finally getting 'kicked out' of the parents house, due to being offered a full time job (I'm 19).

    I've have a few accommodation options available, but I don't want to have a pc to carry along. I want things simple and compact; so a laptop would be perfect.

    Although it is a full time job, I know I can always squeeze in time for one of my passions - gaming.

    So I want to purchase a laptop which can play all the new games on low-medium, well.

    I also am an internet marketer, so I use the internet, word, excel, various programs etc.

    Hopefully that is enough information to get some solid recommendations, so if you have a little time to help a blade out, could you guys/girls go to PB Tech - Computer Parts, PC Components, Laptop Computers, LCD Monitors, Tablets and more! to pick one out?

    Note: The reason I linked this website is because I live in New Zealand, and a lot of laptops that are available in, say, USA or the UK are not available here.
    Also, the company listed is mostly the cheapest for electronics.

    PS. I don't want a tiny screen; more middle sized to large screens (13-17).

    Thanks in advance,


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