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    Well it's wrestling season and I just can't continue my daily routine of joints, blunts and pipes anymore. I need to invest in a vape, because I do not feel like getting my ass kicked every match and vaping seems like the only solution if I want to keep smoking the herb :smoke:

    I'm thinking under $200, I know the Silver Surfer is $260, are their any other cheaper vape options?

    Thanks guys and opinions on vapes are much appreciated!

    What do people think about the Magic Flight?

    Or the VaperBrothers?
  2. Can someone help me please :eek:
  3. Magic flight + wall adapter. That is all you'll ever need in life.
  4. MFLB is nice and highly portable but isn't really up for long sessions. The rechargeable batteries are drained quickly and it does not hold a lot of herb. (Unless you over-pack it, which is not the best way to use it.)

    Silver Surfer, Extreme Q, etc. are a couple good options if you plan to invest about $100 more. They are high quality and will rock your world every time, but they are not portable.

    Many people start with a portable vape and then move on to one of the big-boys. If you only have $200-$300 to invest, then I'd say go with the SS or EQ or something like that.

    You might try the Toking Tools forum for more reviews and info.

  5. Thanks to both of you i think I'm going to invest in a MFLB.

    And i heard the wall adapter is $65?
  6. MFLB will be a solid investment I think. I had a vapolution 2.0 .. it was alright. not worth the 160 but maybe worth like 70 bucks if you can get it cheaper. None of the crappy pencil sharpener wooden dial vapes are worth it imo unless you get a high qual one. Mine started to melt down internally after 1.5 years, giving off fumes and had to be scrapped.
  7. I want to get a magic flight. It will probably be soon :) ill be getting medicated at college
  8. DBV?

    DA buddah vape?

    i got mine for like 90 bucks.

    soooo i think they are like 200 new!
  9. I have the MFLB it's the shit, honestly the most stealth thing ever. I love it so sick the batteries blow cock though. Iwish I had gone with the Arizer solo because it has a far superior battery and I also hear you can get some intense vapor clouds outta that bitch. The price of the arizer is 150$ while the MFLB is 120$ but if you want to truly get your money outta the MFLB you have to buy the power chord 65$ bring the total to 185$. If I were you I would go for the Arizer. It will be cheaper in the long run.

    However I just want to say I absolutely love my mflb. I bought it specifically for stealth and portability and that's what I got. It's sick. Just don't expect to get fucking ripped off the mflb. It is perfect for toking before class or anything that you need a buzz but you don't want to be fucked up for. Idk the MFLB is like a VW Bus, super chill and laid back and retro but dont expect to be going any faster than 70 mph or anyting extreme, while the arizer solo is like a Mercedes Benz it hauls ass, yells imma pimp, and generally kicks ass but it doesn't have the "love" that the MFLB does. It really is a personal choice.
  10. Get the Extreme Q. You can get one for under $200.
  11. [ame=]Iolite Vaporizer Original "2011 model" Includes 420 Package + Grinder: Home & Garden[/ame]
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    DA BUDDHA its made by the same company as the silver surfer, same specs just without the customizable glass

    [ame=""]AzariusTV presents: Da Buddha Vaporizer - YouTube[/ame]

    edit: if your wondering about portability, I unscrewd my black base off, then it fits in my cup holder in my car perfectly.
  13. this is the one im going to get!!!
  14. Buddha Rocks
  15. you wont regret it, Ive had mine for two years, still works great
  16. great! I'm psyched! :p
  17. Extreme Q.

    /thread :)
  18. Extreme q, or if you want portability, get the solo
  19. Getting a Da Buddha for Christmas!!!!!

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