Need a cheap bubbler that's still decent.

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  1. Any links?
  2. Your local headshop would be the best bet. You can look and hold it yourself, see if you like the colors, the thickness, etc..

    If it's possible to see it in person, that would be the best way.
  3. Yeah it is but my car got stolen and its way to far to walk to.
  4. Order a plastic one off the Grasscity shop.
  5. city buses are your friend:)
  6. i second the headshop. one of your friends has to have a car. get your friend to drive you to the headshop, then smoke said friend up with your brand new bubbler, very easy.
    Or take the public transportation route, no need to worry, having a brand new bubbler is not illegal, no residue on it.

    I just purchased a solid bubbler today, headshop was going out of business, and I felt like I got a steal for only $25, but even regular shops should sell lower end bubblers between 20-30.

    Do it.

    Your are 18 right? :hello:
  7. Yes and that's on my list, i just wanted to see if anyone had any nice sites :rolleyes:
  8. Back on topic, I've personally never ordered online, however, grasscity shop won't let you down(hell, at least I don't think it well, haha) People have probably ordered the same piece from GC and i bet if you find one you like and post a picture of it, someone will come in with a review.

    Jesse's work kicks ass.
  10. As I am unwilling to make a new topic and clutter up this folder.... whats the difference between glass and metal pipes?
  11. One is made out of metal and the other is made out of glass...

    Metal tends to get hotter because of its tendency to conduct heat.
    Glass is regarded as the best material to make a smoking device out of.
  12. In a bong this is basically null, but as i like putting salt and ice into my bong water it'd rust sooner or later. :(
  13. I bought a glass bubbler for $45 recently but the blower said he had screwed up the base a little bit, and it just sits at an angle. Normally he said it would've been a $70 bubbler, but I got this sweet deal just because of a small formality.
  14. Think beer.
    Beer out of a glass bottle generally tastes better than out of an aluminum can.
    Same with smoke, it just tastes a little better.

    Metal pipes are sweet though because you can't break them, however they may get a little hotter faster, but in my experience, even my glass pipe gets hot with use.

    Both are easy to clean, metal pipes may end up being slightly easier since you can take them apart.
    But, ISO Alcohol, Salt, ziplock baggie.. this will clean anything.

    good luck.

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