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Need a canna coco feeding schedule

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Smooky, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. can anyone help me I have just made the switch just looking for some tips can anyone help me from germ to end result
  2. Type canna grow guide in google it should be the first result
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  3. I use a solution of 1/2 strength (7.5ml/gal) Canna Start and full strength (15ml/gal) Rhizotonic for the first two weeks. If you only have Coco A & B, you can use 1/4 teaspoon (~3ml) of each and 1 tablespoon of Rhizotonic in 1 gallon of water. After that they should be getting close to being ready to transplant into bigger containers and you can begin using the Canna Grow Guide. I am not an expert, but this technique works very well for me.

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  4. Here is a link to the guide:
    Grow Guide | CANNA Gardening USA
    If you have any really specific questions about how or when to use one of their products, try sending them an email. They provide excellent customer service. I suggest using the recommended dose of Rhizotonic and P/K 13/14, but I haven't noticed any significant difference between using the full dose and using a 1/2-1/3 dose of Cannazyme and I always use the lower number when they give a range for the dose of Boost. At $80-90/1L it is definitely worth conserving.

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  5. Thanks guys so half strength a and b full rhizo And then stop the rhizo after the first two weeks of veg
  6. Another question can I start the Hermes seedlings in canna coco plus
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    No, 1/2 teaspoon (3ml of each) A & B per Gallon. That's like 1/6 strength lol. Rhizo will be important each time you transplant, in general you can just follow the canna grow guide. It contains beneficial microbes that improve the health and growth rate of a plant's root system, so once a decent system has been established only a small amount is required to maintain root health. Seedlings hardly require any nutrients and too much can actually stunt growth, but Rhizotonic contains almost no nutrients so it is safe to apply it somewhat liberally at first. Be cautious with A & B at this point. It is better to go a little light on nutrients if there is any doubt. I soak my seeds in lukewarm water overnight and then plant them about 1.5cm deep in plain coco in a little 1" plug. You will need to supplement calcium/magnesium when using coco, especially if it is being used in conjunction with reverse osmosis filtration which strips the water of all mineral contents. I recommend using Botanicare Cal Mag Plus at 3ml/gal. You can wait to see if a calcium/magnesium deficiency develops, but it is generally just a factor of growing in coco.

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  8. I got full schedule do not do half strength with Cana

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  9. If you're into coco check out ironhead's coco threads. He's got some great insight and very comprehensive guides.
    He's almost talking me into dumping the promix I have been using for overflow plants and going coco. What I love most is the no-till aspect where he plants the new plant and leaves the root ball from the previous one. Hard to resist a method that saves that much time, money, and energy.
    Ironheads method for success

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