Need a Break

Discussion in 'General' started by BudBuddy7, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. Well as you see by the title im going to be going on a t-break begining tomorrow morning (October 6) until my 19 on November 8th....ive been smoking about 2 grams daily for a year or so now. its gonna be tough, just lookin for some love from the fellow blades
  2. I started my T-break a couple days ago, and I dont feel tha need to smoke at all really. You may seem to overexaggerate emotions on the break, so don't get depressed and just accept the fact that you aren't gunna smoke, you've spent +90% of your life sober, a month is nothin to that
  3. im so low on money now. i went from smoking everyday, to a t break. to now i smoke but i cant afford it all the time. so i smoke weed on some weekends. which sucks cause i hate being sober.

    it sucks man. the first few days kill but after that it gets easier
  4. Good luck man. Whenever you come back, regardless of how long you last, it'll be worth it. ;)
  5. Thats forsure :D

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