Need a bong 250-300

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    Hey guys, I need to get some options on a buying my first bong as a little present to myself. I'm looking at spending 250-300 and not a penny more. I've been looking at a HVY glass 9mm showerhead beaker, Opinions?

  2. I've only ever heard good things about hvy. They seem reputable. On the the other for $300 (your top end) you could look at getting an SGW (stone glass works) V1 or V2 single waffle perc. It has been said it is one of the best pieces you can get for that price range.

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  3. What kind of bong are you looking for? Functionality, artistic, novelty? 
  4. Thanks will have a look,
    Not really sure since it will be my first bong ever, and I've only smoked out of a bong like 2-3 times.
  5. Definitely check them out man. They're a one of a kind perc. They stack like crazy, and offer a super smooth hit. Also, HVY is production glass they have guys producing stuff all day for shops all over country. SGW is run by one blower, and I think an apprentice... (Don't quote me on that) so you would be supporting a solo artist as opposed to a mass produced company. Just some food for thought.

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  6. I do like the fact the V1 has ice notches which is a plus.
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    Man every time you post that waffle I keep getting annoyed bout my current money situation:p I want waffles:(
    Going back to topic I'd say that the waffle is prolly one of the better bongs you can get in that prize range with a decent size and good quality.
    GL finding your sweetheart:)
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    good budget for a first bong, HVY glass is really nice but a bit pricey when its just a bong for functionality like a Roor, you could easily go with something like this for a lot cheaper while getting some nice smooth rips better then a HVY:

    Novelty wise you could get a Helix bong (waaay cheaper in headshops then online) or an upline, both are pretty unique in their shape and way they deliver smoke to your lungs.

    Art wise id look in your local headshop(s),  internet artsy bongs are like 500+ so not worth posting a link
    beyond that id suggest a name brand bong like HVY, RooR, Grav Labs ect that you like, they will have quality assurances in being a name brand.
  9. Grav labs sucks, the only assurance you're getting with them is that it will be low quality boro, definately at least a level below the HVY and RooR you name.  Helix not worth considering if you're willing to spend 2-300.
    Zob, HVY, Syn, roor tech etc...I think this is the kind of stuff the OP should be looking at.  Heck you can almost get a sov gline for 300.
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    Grav labs is a perfectly fine and IMO an amazing brand that can compare with a RooR or HVY, I own 9 pieces from them and they are all top quality american made boro that I have tested both accidentally and on purpose many times to see if the products were actually quality as the company does boast being American Made which in today's day and age is a big thing to claim. 
    You sound like one of those guys that automaticly hates Grav Labs because they sold the rights of to the helix 3 in 1 so now their are knock offs of the helix 3 in 1's (Jet flash) coming out now. It was a shitty move on Grav labs to screw over Boxfan like they did but that doesnt make them automatically a crappy brand.
    This is what the helix branded chinese product looks like:
    The ones priced at 150+ are american made.
  11. I love my syn and wouldn't trade it and anything American made I support over any China glass. You could get a syn tallboy and spend the extra cash on some fire.
  12. No I'm speaking from going into my lhs and holding a grav labs in my hand and then holding a hvy, syn, zob, pyrology, illy, roor tech, toro, no name brand, 4.0 ER, medicali, slikka etc.  I don't know if they are made in america, china...but wherever they are made, I don't like em, and I highly doubt they are made of pyrex glass like roor.  My lhs has an amazing selection of cheap, mid range, high end and headies.  From 10 dollar spoons to a worked mothership egg.  The gravlabs sits in the back corner next to the Hisi's just past the "euro glass" which is just crap spoons and pipes.
    I had no idea about them selling rights/patents.
    Will they get you high, sure they will, do they function, sure they do.  But i'd be willing to bet money that the roor and hvy is more durable.  And for the OPs price point, I think there are better choices,just my opinion.
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    Well I stand corrected haha, All i know is i did roughly the same at my local shop and personally found that the only thing that makes a nice high end bong better then one another was glass thickness and percs once you get into the pricier range of glass, didnt want to spend a lot so i went with a 16 inch 5mm with splash catcher and shower downstem bong with a grav labs label over the same priced thing thing with a zob label on it.
  14. Lol sorry man. But like you said and, a lot of people know, the waffle really is the best piece in that price range IMO.

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  15. I actually am selling a De-fi piece blown by chris riley, and it out performs anything you can link on here. The stacking is off the chain, and it is hand blown by one of the finest! I promise you will not be dissapointed. I will also include this bowl. if you look at the top of the page you'll see a picture of a bowl with a bunch of slits in it. This bowl increases air flow ten fold and makes it so much more smooth! Anyways, if you're intersted in seeing pictures and possibly talking to me about it email me! jsteezy8893@[member="gmail"].com
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  17. And stay away from the following, RooR, Zob, Hvy, Illidelph, GravLabs, almost anything most smoke shops sell ... all those fucking whack ass tubes with big ol glunky percs. They suck up your bowls and leave you with a tasteless hit. Let me tell you right now, my first bong was beast. But it was shit glass. After that, I spent 225 on a hisi straight tube. That thing was AMAZING. The bowl and downstem were quite enough to give you the hit you wanted. I believe the price has gone up since then though... Anyways. most of the production line glass, really isn't giving you the scientific hit you want. For the simplicity of it, this defi piece has outperformed most. I will link what it competes with.
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    this and the defi are constantly on my table. I can't tell the difference. The function chris riley of defi brings to the table is too much to bear. I can't wait for them to be readily available.

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