Need a blade's opinion....

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  1. which piece is snazzier??? and for what reasons... already bought the first one but right after I ordered it the second one came up


  2. the bottom one reminds me of a wizzard that ones pretty dope you should name it purple haze. enjoy your glass
  3. i would go with the second one, simply because i like my hand bowls to be more functional then that first one. the carb is practically at the bottom of the bowl. Call me old fashioned but i like my carbs right where my finger meets the side. and besides that it looks really interesting. like space gas or some shit,lol.
  4. I know the seocond one looks bonkers nd I dont know how that carb is gonna function on the top one. I guess Ill figure out tommorrow
  5. bottom one for sure!!!!
  6. I'd say you really couldn't have picked wrong there mate, both look like good spoons in my opinion. :wave:
  7. first one... the second one looks like a dick :D
  8. #1 its sick
  9. they are both pretty similar...i like the first one's colors though
  10. They are both nice but I don't like the huge ball on #1. It makes it look like a penis with one testicle hanging from it. I'd go with #2.
  11. lmfao...and i thought i was perverted
  12. Maybe that's what I like about you.
  13. They are definitely both quality but......

    This is a very valid point LOL

    It will be heatsinked nicely but #1 does look pretty funny and might be awkward to hold.
  14. Yes it just looks unwieldy to me.
  15. I like the second one more. Something about the perfect little mix of colors it has coming together, plus I prefer darker colors like red/blue/purple as opposed to the golden tint of the first one.

    Course, it is gonna be changing colors on you, so who knows which one will look cooler in the end?
  16. My friend has one that looks similar to the bottom one, and it smokes like a charm. I like smoking it more than my pipe, it's pretty sick and smokes smooth.
  17. I like the bottom one, but the top one would be just as fine. :smoke:

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