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  1. Running 4 Autos.

    I run a lot of pepper and tomato plants year round, indoor when its too cold outside. for years, i have used three basic components in varying strengths to suit my needs for those plants - but i have always just kindof "winged" it. i am looking for some advice on mix ratios to use for 4 autos indoor. i have enough of these three to last me years, so would like to just use this stuff instead of buying a bunch of bottled stuff. any help greatly appreciated.

    what i have:

    though my peppers and tomatoes are all potted and not grown hydroponically, i feed them using a base blend of 12g masterblend, 12g Ca, 6g Mg per 5 gal of water, sometimes adjusted a little bit based on how things look, and it has always worked out well. what kind of adjustment should i make to this for my new plant friends? thanks GC peeps!
  2. oh yeah, that's all good, bout the same you are using, the calcium to magnesuem ratio is controversial, 2 to 1 is common, so exactly what your tomatoes are getting is good for pot. Those autos become totally different plants at 28 days. So at first they are just like young tomatos, but at 28 days they are more like older tomatoes. I have found with autos, when they look absolutely perfect, that is a good time to back off or eliminate fertilizer, rather than bragging how good your fertilizer is working. But yes, they are just like tomatoes. That is a good mix you have and no need to change. I'm sure you are aware your calcium nitrate has a lot of N, so something to consider if your leaves get too green, but try to keep your cal to mag ratio proper.
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  3. thank you, @Talkative . i did sortof suspect that what im already using would be ok ratio-wise, but im always interested in maximizing where i can. sometimes it's good just to hear it from somebody else! lol
  4. It can get crazy. What you have is considered the professional mix. It is sold under many names. You can google Jacks 321 for more confusing info. But if your tomatoes are doing well, then you should already be posting info.
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