Nectar of the gods ?!

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  1. My grow shop gave me a free 8 bottle sample kit and I was just wondering if anyone has ever used these nutes before and if they can give me any tips or hints about it . (Found it very difficult to read and adjust ph! )
  2. Good stuff, you just have to pay close attention to your ppm(s) because a few of their products give out a lot more ppm(s) than stated. What I mean... If you follow their schedule, for younger plants, you should cut back on some of the nutrients because where they may tell you to use 3 - 4 tsp per gallon, you should only use 1 - 2 because the ppm content doesn't match the schedule. For example Gaia Mania, the schedule says to use 4 tsp, and my meter shows each 1 tsp equals 71 - 80 ppm(s) which means 4 tsp would equal 284 - 320 ppm(s) and that doesn't match the schedule of the total ppm(s) that the nutrient mix states. So in order to match the recommended ppm nutrient mix for that schedule period you would only use 2 tsp, instead of the 4 tsp(s) the schedule tells you to use or add more water to bring your ppm(s) down to match the schedule. But like I already said, they are wonderful nutrients, and I have personally seen some crazy killer bud grown with them. I have also heard that the owner Scott is very personable, so if you ever need any help using his nutrients just email or call him and he will help you. And just so you understand, that's simply awesome, because you don't get that kind of service from most other nutrient and medium suppliers!
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  3. Thank you for the information. Exactly the type of stuff I was looking for ! Much appreciated

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