Necrotic leaves?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by SmknVTEC, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. Hi all,

    Cant quite determine what the problem is here.
    Plants are 2 weeks.
    Not yet fertilized
    Soil- Scotts potting soil with Time release fert.
    400HPS 17/7 1 fan on 24/7
    I have a water softener at the house but I only water from outside hose. I dont think the hoses are on the softener system. Last grow I took a ph of the soil and it was normal {6.8 or so.} Anyway the plant is doing well other than the leaves at bottom wich now look worse {maybe be cause they are just bigger.} I will send some uptaded pics.

    Thanks as always.

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  4. At 3 weeks.

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  5. overfertilization starting up.

    For years every time I hear someone say they have a plant problem and they are using potting soil with pre-mixed time release fertilizer, its always overfert.

    THe potting soil companies develop that type of soil for plants that are already established and ready to go. I mean the flats of flowers that already up and going. And are going to be grown outdoors. Not for seeds.

    In an indoor grow the heat of the lights tend to make the time release fertilizer speed up and start leaching into the soil. Now this doesn't mean it always happens, but it happens enough that we have seen similiar thread now for a couple of years.

    IMHO, I recommend that you kep and eye on it and try to flush excess ferts out. You may have to transplant if the plant can take it or just forget this grow and start over with a cheap plain potting soil. and add you own ferts when your plant is ready for it.
  6. Hey Big Poppa.
    Crap. I never even thought plants could get over fertilized right on the get go. Anyway, I will flush the plants and see what happens. I will then do a search to find what the best soil is.

    Thanks again for your quick response
  7. Hi all.

    Well, that one plant is not doing well even though plants have been flushed on multiple occasions. The other plants dont seem to have an over fert problem even though all variables are the same. I hate to trash the plants because they have a good root system with a very strong stem and are getting tall, even the one that is overfertilized. Just no fan leaves on the plants though. I wonder if part of the problem is the fact that they took a long time to germinate because they came from imature seeds grown by yours truely. Anyway thanks for the help.
  8. Hi all.

    Here is an update to those baby pictures. They are now about 8 weeks old and have been replanted twice. I seem to be having trouble getting some good soil. The two in the green 5 gallon pots were replanted with some all purpose potting soil mixed with all pupose top soil. Is overfertilization still the problem?


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