Nebraskan Tokers?

Discussion in 'General' started by thedaytripper1, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. People still live in Nebraska?
  2. haha yea we descided we just might stay awhile :wave:
  3. whats up bro, im from omaha
  4. Omaha right here, I love Nebraska!

    In the past three days I've seen cheese, blue cheese, euforia, yumboldt, Skywalker, Milky way, and some Blueberry X Northern Lights, all of which were locally harvested.:smoking:

    Heres my current stash.(12 strains in all) The pics are missing my travel jar which has around 2 gs of a mixture of strains.

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  5. Why is there a question mark?
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    haha yea omaha as here as well

    mad +rep for MidwestKind thats a sick stash my friend, sick indeed.

    so what is everyones favorite strain that came through the big O
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    This pure Kush is my favorite of the last 2 or 3 months.(first pic) The Sour D is my all time favorite though. (last two pics)
    What are your favorites daytripper?

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  8. ^^ i had some sour D awhile ago, but not as good as this ^^
  9. Was it any of these batches? The last on is reefermans Sour D it's Sour D X a Citrus Kush IBL.

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  10. mine resembled the first one the most, just a bunch of pretty dense nuggs

    if anyone ever gets the chance, sour D is worth the sticker price
  11. What did you pay?
  12. 65 for an 8th, but i can usually get an 8th of some kinds for 55

    10 bucks was worth it, no lie
  13. Oh I know, trust me. ;)

    I've always paid 50 when I know whos growin it, 60 when I don't. :smoke:
  14. thats solid dude
  15. damn, the only kb ive seen around omaha this year is blueberry, ak, and some un named home grown shit I got from my buddy, I have no clue who has that kind of shit around my area :(
  16. Anyone on a current dry spell? There's not much to be found right now after a large bust. Kinda blows
  17. ive been tryin to find some dank for almost a week now and havent found anything, the little I bought was off 2 grams :/
  18. i NEED to know where it is, im tryin to cop some, but i dont..
  19. I'm a senior and thinking about going to college up at Creighton if I can get in next year. And I was wondering how Omaha is about weed. I don't mean to hijack the thread but if anyone could let me know that'd be great.

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