Nebraska Marijuana Legalization Amendment (2012)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by billybob543210, Nov 18, 2011.

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  2. Did it get the required 10% of the voters' signatures? If so, I plan on moving back and voting on this one...
  3. not sure but we still have time. we need to let people know about this. life would be so peaceful with this in order.
  4. Hell yeah, good luck Nebraska :smoke:

    That would be awesome
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    Coolness. Looks like you've got until July 6, 2012 to get it done. Good luck guys!
  6. Where do you go to sign it?...
  7. Nebraska wont even expand gambling instead watching all that revenue go to Iowa. If they pass this I will be floored and a new Nebraska resident
  8. soooooo....any word on the progress of the signatures? does anyone know where to sign?
  9. Soo does anyone know if it passed?
  10. i dont think it did. I read that it failed to get the required number of petitions
  11. Yea the asshole, who was in charge of it, only took the job so he could intentionally make it fail....

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