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nebody up?

Discussion in 'General' started by easy rider, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. nebody else up? im bored as fuck. its 2:03am here in the evergreen state of washinton.

    i just went for a windy midnight walk smoked a fat blunt. found a nice spoot under a tree. hit the bong under the moon n the stars.

    im just kicking it listening to some grateful dead waiting till 3am to smoke a bowl n listn to howard stern

    haha i just realized it took my 9 minteus to post sthis.
  2. im up 4 hours behind you........
    when i visited washington not takin a walk an a smoke is one thing i regret...your state is amazing

    ah well next time :)
  3. i was on for a bit this morning, but that's like 7am GMT.......it's now 2.22pm and i just finished work early, and hittin the bong now.........then i'm off to do a couple of things.........Peace out.........Sid

  4. ya washingtons beautiful ..even the suburbs r picture perfect :)
  5. ahhahah i didnt wake up till 1130 EST and went to bed at 1am

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