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  1. hey GC, just some bud shots of my harvest soon to come. shitty quality cuz i took it with my phone. its orange kush. how much longer do you think it needs? shes been in flower for 7 weeks today! should i cut her down soon?

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  2. They're looking nice. In my opinion you have 'bout 1week-2weeks more. Cause of the quality I cant really tell the colors of the hairs but I believe I see some starting to turn orange while the others are white. When I helped my friend grow some OG it took a little under 9 weeks. I strongly advise you to invest in an at least 30x microscope so you can judge by looking at the trichromes. Can get one for less than $15 at Radioshack. Best of luck to you man.
  3. im going to say very nice grow. but did you not read the damn security threads!!! dont take pics with your phone dude
  4. I also highly recommend getting a magnifier. I own all the cheap 30X, 60X, 40-100X deals you can get at radio shack or the grow store.

    I promise that you will be much happier and be able to see much more clearly with a 10X professional jeweler's loupe. The quality of the optics is much greater than the cheap magnifiers, and that makes all the difference. I'm not kidding with you. It is more expensive, but well worth the investment.

    Zeiss 10X Professional Loupe 40D | National Jeweler's Supplies

  5. I thought as long as you dont upload from your phone, transfer to your computer then upload and your good. Maybe i might be mistaken but i think i have the right idea.

    OP how them trichomes looking, any amber?
  6. Pictures store a lot of data, if your phone has GPS it will add it. There's exif data, jfif headers, xmp data, thumbnails etc. So you need to use jstrip or anything similar. Alternatively you can screen cap the picture and save it in paint/PS.
  7. bro technology is so fucking advanced any authority can tap into ur life if they needed too and id imagine a cell phone is prolly the easiest
  8. There is over 300 million cell phones in the us alone. Do u really think the odds of them busting you over a couple pics on your phone Is really that easy. Plus if your not identified in the pic there's no evidence u grew the plant
  9. about 40-50% of the hairs are amber, I picked up a shitty magnifying glass thats only like 3x power so i can't really see the tricomes, I'm going to radio shack tonight to pick myself up a microscope. i reallyyyy want to cut her down tonight, I'm so impatient :(. 1 -2 more weeks? i thought shed be ready soon, if not tonight then this week.. i tried some of the lower nugs off the lower branches that were less developed and it was pretty nice already, can't imagine what those big colas would be like:smoke:
  10. you dont want to judge by the hairs...judge by the trichomes...little water tower looking things all around and on the buds. they should be clear and milky at this point in your grow. you want to wait until they start turning amber...if you chop now youll be sorry. they will fatten up considerably over the next couple weeks. also, you can chop the bigger colas first, and let the lower popcorn buds finish up a little more.
  11. Man hate to see you chop early...Those cola's are gonna start pumping up real soon...
    80% cloudy trics is what you want...
  12. This is the best magnifier I have found thus far. Has two LED lamps and you don't have to hold it up to your eye or maul your plant. It zooms by simply moving it further and closer. I gave my radioshack mini scope away after I got this one on ebay. Can also use it in tandem with a 3-5x hand held magnifying glass if you want to focus on parts of the plant further back in the cabinet without taking the plants out and it has a nice switch for turning the lights on/off instead of the wonky one that comes on most of the mini microscopes.

    45X 21MM Mini Lens Magnifier LED light Jeweler Loupe 14
  13. i suppressed the urge to cut her down! it was hard.. i had the scissors ready and everything. I'm gonna listen to you experienced guys, i got the day off tomorrow so I'm going to hunt down a microscope and see what i find with that. but damn she smells like fruit loops!
  14. OooOO they're getting fatter! pics soon
  15. i cant wait to see the pics. :):hello:
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    No you can't. Not even close. Not even remotely close. Laugh all you want. Ever seen a jeweler using an eleven dollar piece of crap from radio shack? If you have, I'd stay away from that shop.

    It is only 85 bucks. Just get one and you'll see. Then you'll understand the difference between quality and what you get for $11.

    (Just curious... have you ever heard of Zeiss, Leica, Swarovski Optik, etc.. before this discussion?)
  17. I'm looking at trichomes, not a fucking diamonds.
  18. While i would like to look at trichs thru a jewelers lens i think its also worth it too look at what yur buying the lense for...If its just for cost a little extra effort i think is worth it to save 70 bucks after all growing MJ is expensive enough.
  19. The magnifying thing is what you really need. They're not too expensive, and they're the best tool for figuring out when to harvest. If you know about the variety of trichomes at harvest, just harvest to suit your preference

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