Nearly half of Congress are millionaires

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    Nearly half the members of Congress are millionaires. Half in Congress are Millionaires

    I wonder if that's somehow responsible for them being so anti-marijuana?
    Maybe marijuana just doesn't fit into their elite image of the world??

    Thought some more about this. Banning stores from selling marijuana to adults empowers and enriches the Mexican drug cartels and provided the resources and incentive for them to murder more than 50,000 people in the last five years. I think I should have made the subject of this thread "MILLIONAIRES CAUSING MURDER".
  2. And recent polls show 50% of people in congress lie about their income too.
  3. Here is some of the representatives.

  4. those numbers show greed at its finest

  5. yea and you know their loved ones arent breaking the bank when they need a slice....or a grow setup for that matter
  6. Sorry to burst your bubble but how else do you think they got a seat in congress? Money is necessity to get started. :)
  7. Only half?!? I would have bet more than half were filthy stinking rich ...guess that's why I'm poor.
  8. The rest of them are better at hiding their wealth, to evade taxes and such...
  9. More than half of congress lies anybody should know that. Trying to find a honest senator or member of congress is like trying to find a virgin in a maternity ward. Our government needs a complete overhaul.
  10. How can they even say between 100 million and 400 million like its not a HUGE gap? Even .1 of that could pay off my house mortgage.
  11. Thats exactly why the US is in the shape that its in. How can we get people that have that much money understand what we (the not rich) are going through! The only insentive they have is $. We the regular middle and lower class (really no differance anymore) don't have anything to offer them.
  12. I've said it before and I'll say it again. The American political system no longer has anything to do with the will of the people. The top 15% of earners in America control 80% of our overall wealth. Since these elections are decided totally based upon media coverage, and media coverage is exorbitantly expensive, if the bottom 85% of our country's earners pooled their collective finances to by that media attention, we would still be outbid by the top 15%. American politics has been sold to the highest bidder. The result is a congress made up of a bunch of millionaires who's perspectives and perceptions of life are nothing like that of the majority. We are left to choose between the lesser of several evils, all of which want the general citizenry completely dependent upon either the government or the corporations.

    What are we to do with this knowledge?

  13. shall we give a big tax break to high-tech companies like we did in 2004?

    when the powerful close their hearts to the cries of the masses history shows there is one proven solution

    blood in the streets it's up to my ankles
    blood in the streets it's up to my knees

    lets start with the public executions of FOX NEWS mouthpieces for the entertainment of the people and then move on to the political classes
  14. i dont know why this is a surprise. rich people tend to be better educated than poor people, they can use their own money on their campaigns, and theyre more prominent. of course they'll be more of them in congress.
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    Well, you and I would be rich too if we could also "predict the future" as these political asshats do. No, they aren't clairvoyant. They pass the legislation the corporations tell them to and make their own stock bets with this insider information before the laws take effect and the market effects pan out. Anyone else (Martha Stewart, etc.) would be in prison for the same thing- INSIDER TRADING. The average rate of return for congress in the stock market is something like 16%, while the rest of America makes .002% with their savings. Bernie Fucking Madoff wasn't even as good as the politicos in his rate of return. What the FUCK does that say? :rolleyes:

    I wonder if this figure includes their stock options which have yet to be cashed in??
    Corporations likely serve as nice little hidey holes for these jokers as well. They might have twice as much wealth but have yet to cash in on it so it doesn't appear as personal wealth? Someone like Rockefeller just seems like he'd have more wealth given the family lineage for instance.
  16. The only way to get into congress is to be rich - I agree. The thing is they're out of touch. They have a privileged perspective of the world that excludes cannabis. This isn't anything new, what is new is that America is waking up to their failings and demanding better.

    We can't expect non-wealthy people to be able to get into congress but we *can* expect more from the people who do get in. They are not our rulers they are our representatives and they need to abandon their rigid ideologies and implement the will of the people. Banning adult marijuana sales makes children LESS safe. It is NOT the role of congress to undermine the safety of our children!
  17. I agree with all of that, except to distinguish that the "powers that be" are only exclusive to a cannabis-free world presently because they are so leveraged in the "crack down" side of the equation in attempting to rid completely black markets. A task in futility, but they get rich on that side for now. If they (Wall Street, Congress, one in same) can get enough control of cannabis markets and then flip to the side of making it legal and massively profitable for themselves, it will happen. America's numero uno cash crop. Meanwhile, the taxpayers get to eat Chinese debt while they play cannabis cowboys on our unpaid-for dime with drones and other devilish toys of hell. Hooray. :rolleyes:

  18. greed or corruption? Which came first?

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