Nearly got caught rolling herb in school

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  1. so i had a bit of weed left over from the week-end and me and my friends thought it would be a fun idea to smoke before our lessons. my friends had not arrived to school yet so i decided to roll the joint in the school toilet before they came so we can smoke it straight away (our lessons were going to start soon) (i know dumb idea but the block was empty it was very unlikely that a student would come in the toilet, most of them would be in lessons) so i entered the toilet, went inside one of the cubicles took out a paper, put it on the toilet seat lid thing and started taking out my smoking equipment. 
    after taking out my tools (rizla, roach, grinder) i opened my grinder and it looked like i only had a bit of weed left from the week-end, i was a bit upset but hey i wasnt complaining. i emptied the storage compartment into a zoot and it all came hauling out!! i had forgotten that my grinder was very deep and in fact it was full of that lovely green stuff! that was great!! but it stunk up the whole toilet so badly i was very scared.
    i started rolling my fat ass joint but i couldnt tuck it in i was under so much pressure and i was so scared because of the smell i couldnt see straight. 
    i heard the door opening so i stopped what i was doing and just stood there silently. waiting. the footsteps got closer and
    knock knock
    someone knocked on the cubical door. i almost shat my pants. my heart was racing so much i think i almost had a heart attack! i put my non rolled zoot into a container, scrunched up what was on the toilet let and sweeped off any weed crumbs off the toilet. i then waited a bit, and flushed the toilet.
    i put all my equipment scrunched up into my bag and waited for the person to finish what they were doing and leave.
    i heard the hand dryer and waited a little bit. after a minute or so i opened the door and all i could see was the back of my bald teachers head leaving the toilet. i almost cried.
    i left via the second exit and finished rolling the zoot just outside school in the park.
    that was probably the luckiest day of my life.
    we got high and had some very strange day (a girl passed out in one of our lesson and we were just laughing so hard) it was so bad loool

  2. You put your weed on the the toilet?? Even if it was the back part that's pretty fuckin gross man.
  3. on a paper, the weed touched the rizla not the toilet seat, and either way your gonna spark that doobie up killing some of the germs
  5. Dafuq is a zoot?
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    So beyond gross
  7. you should had ur pants down for cover because that woulda been the downfall even if you flushed it cause the smell came from the guy not talking a shit in one of the stalls if you think about that lol

    coulda rolled it up and hid it inside the paper roll thingy and then use the it could be any ones excuse and you were just in there taking a poop and noticed the smell to but since its school and all you didn't really care and it smelt kinda good lmao

    but ya at least you got lucky but you coulda got caught slipping to :(
    remember man "stay alert stay safe"

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    I doubt you could ever get caught rolling in the bathroom as it is. It's not like the teacher would bust into your stall because that may seem perverted or lead to a lawsuit. If he did suspect something you'd be in the clear anyway because you are guaranteed to have time to flush everything down the toilet. Back when I was still in school teachers always had their own private bathroom away from the students bathroom though.
  9. This thread smells lovely.
  10. For real?!

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    This. Tired of these phaggot highschool threads "halp got caught with a scale at school" "principle searched my bookbag for weed"

    First of all, bringing weed to school is asking for trouble, considering at most schools they randomly bring drug dogs and kids suck at keep their mouth shut when they see something.

    Second of all, possession within 1,000 feet of a school = felony. Is weed really worth getting a felony over?
  12. Look, hon, if they catch you at school, it gives you enhanced charges! Use, possession and sales at, or even NEAR a school will get you extra time in jail! An arrest will cause you to lose any chance at going to college, unless your family is well off! A felony arrest record will not help you get a job, or financial loans for a car, etc. Hiring a lawyer, court costs and fines will screw you over for YEARS to come! And your parents will NOT be happy with you!

    You DON'T need to be the subject of a headline like this! "Alameda police logs: Attempted pot sale caught at Alameda High, police say"

    Please stop acting so foolishly. The risk/benefit ratio is not in your favor! There is a good reason that 4:20 is the "official" time to light up. School is done by then and you've had time to get home and get out your stash, or head over to a friend's place. Be safe, and don't give cannabis users a bad name!

  13. Rolling on toilet seat. Lol.
  14. Another word for a joint or spliff here in the UK. "Let me spark that zoot g"
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    Oh, i live in U.S.A so that explains it...
  16. Interesting. I've never heard that term before. Even on here.
  17. You deserve to be caught for that.
    Why do that at school is it not more enjoying after school? Come on your just asking to get caught.

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    With that mindset still floating around our society we might as well set legalization back ten years...
    Thanks for your contribution

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  19. No more rolling zoots before your lessons, Mr. Awesome.

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  20. I went to highschool stoned like everyday, but see, thats the key. Showing up already stoned. ( unless you act like a giggling little girl".

    im sure the teachers even knew a few times, but didnt speak up as I contributed to lessons and had respect.b

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