nearly germ white russian please help!!!!

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  1. Hi,

    I have my grow room setup, ill post pics of that shortly, she is mighty fine.

    I have put my seeds in the damp tissue in the hot press but im not sure what to do when they sprout which could be in less than a days time.

    I have my pots/soil already made, do i just put them in the pots? open to air?
    Or should i put clingfilm over the top of them?

    Please help before they sprout!!!! thanks

  2. Please someone help, less than 12 hours untill they could be ready
  3. Well, has the white root come out of the seeds yet? if so then go ahead and stick them in the soil.

    Just put the seeds in 1/2 inch to 1inch deep into the soil then lightly cover. Dont go too deep. Just keep the soil moist until the sprout pops his head out of the soil. Not too moist though.

    I myself am only a novice grower but thats what i did for my first grow and had no problems with the post germination process. Im sure someone else can provide further insight but its really a simple process.

    Just remember to be very gentle when picking up the seeds and putting them in the soil.

    good luck
  4. what light cyclle should i put them on as soon as i plant them?

    I have a 400w hps there waiting
  5. Thats probably gonna be too strong for those baby's. Ontop of that its the wrong spectrum, it should really be used for flowering. Go read about some 6500k CFL's and stick em under those for the first few weeks. 24/24 is best for veg IMO.. More light = more growth. Some advise letting them sleep for 6 hours though.
  6. Cheers m8

    thing is im on a low budget, and was told you can use a hps for both veg and flowering by a few other people on this forum, what would it do to my plants?
  7. sorry also meant to mention, im only doing four, hoping for at least 1 female, then cloning it and keeping 2 only. regardless of how many females i get from the 4 seeds im germing. i cant wait.

    In my room i have a thermometer, reflective black white plastic, 400w hps external balast. ona gel. pots/soil, green light bulb.

    I reckon all i need now is nutrients and i should finally get some good smoke.

    I also found this, have a read in this thread about hps veg growing.
  8. You can do it but your gonna see more stretching and less buds... It will work, but its not optimal. Ont op of that the intensity of the light can wreak havoc on your little babys... If your gonna do it then keep it atleast 3-4 feet away.

    Oh and btw, CFLs are very cheap... You could build a light fixture for under 30 bucks NP...

    If you do get the $ then get a metal halide and use that for the vegging & the HPS for flowering...
  9. yeh i will look into it further cheers for the replys
    could you do me a favour and stay tuned to my thread, to be honest i could do with as much help

    , but like as soon as i put these germed seeds in the pots i hope there alright, i could probably put the light up to eight 6 feet away from the light max.

    I do read up but reading up only gets you so far, i see so many conflicting reports i dont know what to beleive sometimes.

    I have a site here,

    Could someone have a look here and pick out a really basic nutrients set for white russians.

    I hear you can get away with growing with 3 nutrients, veg nutrient x1, flowering nutrient x1, and a budding nutrient x1.

    Could someone pick out a basic set for me that will definetly work well with my soil too.
    I have 4 part topsoil, 1 part vermiculite, 1 part perlite, one part peat moss.

    Cheers for the feedback again

    I will post pictures up of my room tomorow, i just need to find a usb cable for my digital camera.
  10. I would plant them in some small starter cups to start with. Those cups for cold drinks that are around 20 ounce or so are fine. just remember to poke some drainage holes in the bottoms. Styrofoam cups work also. Pick up a couple of 6500K daylight CFL bulbs which you can probably find for $10 max for both. Get 2 of the clip-on light fixtures that come with the round reflectors attached. You can get those at places like Home Depot for around $5 each. Those will work better for your sprouts than trying to mess with the HPS. 1 bulb per 2 plants will work out fine for a week or so until your plants get a little more size to them. Just keep the bulbs close, less than 4" away, and that will keep them from stretching. Lights on 24/7 worked fine for me. You can do all this in a bathroom or on a countertop if possible to make it convenient for you. Once they sprout you'll want to put a small fan blowing gently on them also.

    They won't need fertilizer for a while so don't worry about that for the present. When it's time, I like the Botanicare PureBlend Pro Grow and PurebBlend Pro Bloom. I'm growing some white russian now and it's working fine. I also suggest using CalMag. I had some minor problems until I started using that. If you do go with the PureBlend, note that you should get the Grow formula for soil as there is a seperate one for hydro. The Bloom formula is for all mediums though.

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