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nearly burned the house down...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Nov 24, 2002.

  1. well... kind of... here's the story...

    lastnight we had a fire going in the fire place. my dad said he'd close the damper when it went out... so i crashed. i woke up assuming the damper was closed so i pulled the little lever thinking i was opening it... boy was i wrong. it was never closed lastnight so i ended up closing it. i then proceeded to light the fire which quickly turned into a roaring blaze. by now smoke is billowing out of the fireplace and every smoke detector in my house is going off. anthony opens his door and screams fire. i'm like "WOAH... NO FIRE!!!" so i grab the metal screan infront of the fireplace so i can put out the fire and open the damper... but i didn't realize the screan would be so hot... i now have second degree burns on about 25% of the bottom of my hand. my whole thumb, and 3 of my other fingers all have char lines like a steak right off the grill.... right now it's not hurting so bad 'cause i took 2 tylenol 3's :hippie: but before they kicked in it was quite painful, lol... my own fault though... i shoulda double checked the damper just to be sure. anywayz, i'm tellin ya this because i might not be around the city as much as i would like (kinda hard to type with the tips of 4 fingers being all burned). lol. not one of my brighter moments. well... i'll see ya around. hopefully i won't be away too much.
  2. Take care of those fingers cottons. I've burnt my fingers like that and it takes a while for them to heal.
  3. HIGH All, uncle cottons hope the T 3's are helping. Nothing hurts more than burned hands.
  4. the T 3's took the pain away pretty good... it's starting to come back some though so i went out and got some aloe/lidocaine gel to take the edge off. it's mainly my thumb and ring fingers that took the brunt of it. i used to work the grill all the time at McD's so i've had my fair share of burns... but never as harsh as today. lol... i still find the criss-cross char lines amusing... looks like i fried my hand on a grill lmao :D
  5. I must be to stoned today. I was going to mention that Butter will take the pain away real quick. You have to use it in the first 5 minutes after the burn..

    I for got to put that in my other post..
  6. my first aid is green
  7. Damn cottons buddy!! Ya gotta take care when ya dealing with fire pal!! Anyhow, hope that your burns heal quickly, we'll miss ya while you're gone.
  8. that gel is kicking ass. my burns don't hurt too much... but they're still soar from time to time... that's how i know to put on more of that stuff :)

    and by the way critter, you shouldn't put your fingers under running cold water (i forget why, but it was on the news or something)... you should soak it in cold water... or at least that's what they said...

  9. You may be right my friend. That is an OLD household remedy from these parts. I always used diesel fuel myself on cuts and burns. Now they say you can get lead poisening. You never now what to do with these old remedies..

    As far as water goes, the water will make the burn blister. I have done that as well. I have some stinky burn cream that the kids use. It works good but it'll run off everything within a 100 feet..........LOL
  10. Don't use fat or oil!! For God's sake!!

    The reason why your hands still hurt after they been torched is because they're STILL BURNING. You can't see it, but it's there. So don't go putting butter on your hands. All it'll do is cook the butter and do even more damage. And diesel??? lol

    All you're supposed to do is run your hand under cold water for 10 minutes.

    Lol, you people :p
  11. if it gets too bad, you could cut your hand off, and sell it on ebay? just a thought...
  12. in another thread,
    you make me mess up hiaku,
    i say "what the fuck?"
  13. Every household should have an aloe plant. ALOE ALOE ALOE!!!!

    BUTTER, BUDHEAD? I'm "from these parts" too and I know that butter is a no-no! I've seen men do the diesel fuel thing on their cuts before, though. It's insane! But they do it.

    I hope your hands feel better soon!!!!!! :)
  14. thanks rmjl... thankfully most of the places i was burned, i also have some nice tough skin from my old job at wal-mart. lots of caluses (sp?) lol. so the blister's are covered by thick skin, and therefore, not quite as painful. i put a small hole in 'em to drain the fluids so the skin can refuse itself and somewhat shorten healing time though... seems to be working pretty well :)
  15. please dont burn your hands
    burning skin smells really bad
    lesson learned, no oil
  16. Actually what's really good for taking care of burns it aloe, just get some aloe and rub it on your hands when ever they hurt a lot. I used to work as a cook, and whenever I burnt myself aloe really helped. The one time I was cleaning the flatplate (A large metal plate that is heated up for frying food quickly, think of a giant frying pan almost) and when cleaning this thing my hands lsipped and all my finger tips went onto the 350 degree metal.... hurt like a bitch and aloe made them heal quickly and with minmal scars
  17. Critter is right about the first aid thing. You never know when it could come in handy!
  18. i had a friend OD and go into shock on me once... if it weren't for us doing first aid in health class i wouldn't have known what to do and he woulda died... first aid is really good to know :)

    Gairin... i used to work at McDonald's... got burned ALL the time. our bottom grill plate was 350, and the top clam was 425... i was using the squegee (sp?) to remove the excess grease and the tops of my knuckles ran across the 425 degree top clam... almost all the way from one side to the other... hurt like a mofo :D
  19. id just personally try not to burn my self and if i did ask the doctor. Home remedies are nothing compared to professional medicine... I like the haiku forms namron (575?)
    Never had friends OD or poison themselves but ive got a little petit friend and he was fond of drinking back in junior high. he never drank enough cuz everytime hed go for the bottle id give him a bruise or two. he stopped least when i was around

    prevention is so much sweeter than treatment.
  20. i will have nightmares about being without electric tape from now on. I have a new diety to worship *kneels before an electrical tape alter*

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