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Nearly blacked out

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Klang117, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. This morning I got up and decided to get blazed before taking a hot shower. I smoked a bowl last night before going to bed and woke up still a little buzzed so I only took a couple hits from my chillum. Everything felt normal (other than I was getting high really fast) so I got in the shower and by then I couldn't even remember what i was doing in the shower. After standing in the shower for about 10 minutes I started feeling like crap, my stomach was churning and I was getting a migraine ( I have a sinus infection currently thats been giving me all day migraines) and I got tunnel vision really bad, where everything around me was going dark and i was really dizzy. The ssme thing has only happened to me when I gave blood a couple years back and there up. But it was WAY more intense. I got down on my hands and knees cuz I was losing my balance so bad I couldnt hold on to anything to stay up. So I crouched down and it was like I went blind, I couldnt see anything. But then I lost my hearing and really started to freak out, I thought I had od'd on something. But it wasnt like I passed out, when everything was black I was seeing weord things like my thoughts passing in front of my eyes. I kept seeing a purple star that started in the middle and expanded I'm till it was too big to see and it kept happening over and over. I kept hearing a ringing from the back of my head the whole time. I'm not really sure how long I was "out" but I was in the bathroom for about 45 minutes. After that I just felt blazed and wanted to sleep. Has this happened to anyone else and is it just a bad reaction or possibly laced bud? Ive been on this stuff for a couple weeks with nothing like this happening before, its just really strong stuff. I'm almost scared to touch it again without someone here in case it happens again which sucks for me because i love smoking alone.
  2. [​IMG]
    This puts me just about that high if I take more then 4 at once.
    More please !!!!!!!!
    Lasts more like 6-8 hours not just 45 minutes.
    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
  3. Considering you were still feeling a buzz from the previous night, it sounds like you greened out. I don't think you have anything to be worried about - just smoke a little less next time.

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