Nearing Harvest, a few questions

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by reznkk, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. First Question: Since I am nearing harvest, how long do you recommend leaving the lights off for when you want to chop it down? Some say they don't at all, some say 36 hours, some say 3 days. What do you guys recommend?

    Also when the Trichs are cloudy, how many days does it take to get 50/50? Just an estimate as it depends on the strain.
  2. im a beginner but i know your supposed to leave lights off two days before harvest so 48hrs

    and to get 50/50 head/body high trichs should be half amberish color/cloudy Milky
  3. Yes I know that, but I want to know how long it takes to achieve that if they are just getting cloudy now. Granted it depends on the strain.
  4. specify that next time then but it should take maybe 2-4 more weeks
  5. Not to disrespect but read the first post.
  6. light period before chop is pretty much all up to you its not really necessary. No reason to do more than 24 hours. but when you are trimming do it in a dark room with just tv on for light. Less light the better same goes for when its hanging. As for the trichs you just have to watch them, doesnt get any easier than that
  7. Thanks for the opinion, that's all I wanted. Yes I will be trimming in a dark room with a green light head lamp.

    Anyone else...
  8. oh shit dats my bad i didnt realize but yea just watch them prob 2wks
  9. Anyone else? I just read a thread that said 3 days, he was quoting HighTimes.
  10. Anyone else?
  11. lights off? Don't bother, its more stoner myths. Other stoner myths - boiling roots, hanging plant upside down, ...
  12. Thanks for your opinion, any others? How long should I leave the lights off before the chopdown!
  13. I've heard and plan to try 48 hours for my 2nd half of the first grow.. Would do it for the first, but the girls will finish unevenly so I can't hurt my other two.. 24 would be too short and I'd think 3 days would be too long..

    The whole idea behind this theory is to trick the plant into thinking it is the dead of winter and in a last chance effert to get pollinated it produces more resin.. Couldn't hurt to try it, plus gives the plant more time to dry out from the last watering so I say why not..
  14. Ah ok. So do I not water in that time period. I am growing in an Aero medium..
  15. Ok I don't do that anymore. Did it in a multi strain grow did not like what happened. Nough said. Myth period! My White Russian I am cutting tomorrow, some had all red hairs and still took 3 weeks before any amber showed up at all.. Very nice trics on them too. Now I chop.... No light during chop?? Come on. That is just not an issue.. Doing it in the dark or with a green light well it is hard enough with light and it won't hurt to have a light on while you clip em.

  16. I just cut down before the light comes on as I've got girls at all stages going on. I don't want to stress them out. On my buckets I like to let them dry out as much as possible before cutting, after I flush them with 5 gallons of water and there 7 gal buckets.

    from the dungeon
  17. I haven't found any difference between 50/24/12 hours of dark before the chop, and I feel like I'm pretty sensitive to slightest of nuances and characteristics of my weed.

    Funny thing though... I do boil my roots, and I do hang my plants upside down, but not for the reasons you'd probably imagine. I pour boiling water and saturate the soil (roots) right before I chop the plant to shock the leaf stoma into closing tightly shut. This allows my plants to dry much more slowly. I hang the whole plant (untrimmed) upside down to allow the the leaves to hang down and wrap around the buds forming a cocoon around the buds, which also allows the buds to dry much more slowly.
  18. Very interesting! Thanks for all the responses. I suppose if you perpetually harvest you have to just cut em down as they come.

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