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  1. Well the fan leaves are all turning yellow i know this is normal since the buds are taking all the energy. But should i be trimming them? so far i've only trimmed the ones that are below or blocking bud sites.

    When people talk about flushing before harvest is that multiple flushes before the harvest? And is 2 weeks an ok time to start doing this.

    Also even once the trichs say its time to harvest will new bud sights keep poping up and if so should they just be ingored?
  2. I am pretty sure it would be alright to trim some of the more "dead" fan leaves, they say to trim regardless so more light and energy can be given to bud and bud sights.

    I dont know about the flushing, and I am not 100% sure but I dont think you are going to have more bud sites popping in over and over unleass you were doing something like LST(Low Stress Training).
  3. It just very tiny bud sites lower down on the branches not new huge top budsites just small side ones
  4. Well I wouldnt ignore them, or be worried either way it will be a good thing wouldnt it?
  5. Don't trim until the fan is mostly/all yellow or brown.

    One flush is the prescription about 2 weeks before harvest.
  6. I would only take off the ones that look COMPLETELY dead but if there is still some potential energy in those leaves, you don't want to take it away from the bud.
  7. Pics would help:hello:
  8. My wife took my digi cam grrrrr haha

    Yeah the leaves i have been cutting have been pretty yellow and prickly to the touch.
  9. Yeah those ones are okay to take off. Are you planning on putting your plant on a 48 hour darkness before you harvest? It makes your plant go into shock and produce more resin glands. So, you'll end up with way stickier bud when you cut her down.
  10. didn't know that. I may try that haha.

    Feed her the last of her nutes yesterday 17 days maybe less till harvest so next will be a good flush.

    I can't find that article about trichs and how to read them.
  11. If you go to radio shack or something, and find a optical magnifier, 60x-100x The higher the better. And once your trichomes turn an amber color but not to dark, that is when they are at their peak of potency. And, during the last watering sessions with no nutes, you should mix a tablespoon of molasses for every gallon of water. This gives the buds the natural sugars it needs to swell big and fat. It also makes your smoke taste way better.
  12. sweet
    Thanks for the help.

    Got my 2 other lr2 going and they have a month left and starting to germ some sour cream and la woman next.
  13. Good stuff, definitely share your next grow from seed to bud.:smoke:
  14. thats the one rule the wifey says i can't do is start an online journal but i didn't know that the servers were in the Netherlands sooooo who knows haha
  15. If you put this for your sig, no one can say anything. --> *Disclaimer: Everything that this user says is fictional and for entertainment purposes only*
  16. She looks good. When do you think you will harvest?:D
  17. i supposdly have 14 days left so we will see i need to get a magnifier tomorrow. There are still tons of white pistles that are really long from what i have read is that they need to shrivle up more for it to be near?
  18. Just get a scope. That is all that matters When your trichs are 50% amber, I would chop. However long that takes and whatever the white hairs look like. Trichs speak the truth.
  19. It is purely natural for lower leaves to yellow/brown as buds grow larger. The buds are "soaking" up the nutrients in the leaves. As a rule I have come to hold, I donot trim, cut, yank off the leaves at all. I wait untill only a gentle pull on the leave and if it falls off at its stem it is ok. If not, I leave it be. Excesive trimming can cause your plant to stress the areas where damage is done. This stress can cause the female to hermaphrodite, growing some seeeds,,,, in the least it will be using energy to heal the leaf areas when it could be producing more bud growth with that energy.
  20. Lookin good! You got yourself a nice little plant there:hello:

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