Near the end of my first grow!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Zhris, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. And I have a few questions :D!

    I have 3 to 4 weeks left of flowering just 1 plant (Easyryder (autoflowering) - Lowryder #2 / AK47) under 375w of CFL's (250w red, 125w blue (eco-lights)). I accidently cut off a very small flower, and it was a real experience to smoke an immature bud for the first time in my life, high in THC. I experienced a familiar awakening, full body feeling I knew very well, but never before so intense.

    1) I have a spare 125w red CFL laying around, and I was wondering if I should swop it to replace my 125w blue CFL so that there is 100% red spectrum during the last couple of weeks?

    2) I noticed that the lowest buds are less developed, and considering the type of plant, would it be practical to harvest the top half, leaving the bottom half another week to further develop?

    3) She has only really started to show clear signs of budding in the past week or so (becoming slightly "frosty" at the same time). I've been told that the buds will become much denser in the last 2 weeks. Is this true in most cases, or am I a little behind?

    4) I have been growing in a loft, with the dark period between 1am and 7am every day. I am worried if the colder nights effect flowering during this period as temperatures have become very "winterish"? In the future I will ensure the dark period is during the middle of the day when temperatures are likely to be at their highest.

    I'm looking forward to harvesting, drying, curing, then enjoying the result of a hell of alot of time and dedication.

    Thanks alot for any help regarding my issues above.

  2. you really hafta grow to know what goes in...its more than nice plant man..although...thats cool too...peace deacon:smoke:sorry..kinda a fucked up post...dam you evil bong:D
  3. Aha, thanks man. Even if you are totally wasted, thanks for that info, it was really helpful. I like your suggestion of removing the smallest buds that have little potential in order to redirect the plants energy. I'm going to have a look at it tomorrow morning and see if there are any that are probably worth removing. And I would love to add the CFL :devious:, but unfortunately I made an agreement with my mum that I wouldn't use anymore than i'm already using.

    Thanks very much again.


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