Near end, 4 plants (3 need id), No till

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  1. Hi!

    I have one Durban Poison (Dutch Passion) and three other plants that I forgot to label, but they are all one of the following:

    Strawberry Cough (Dutch Passion)
    S.A.G.E. (TH Seeds)
    Amnesia (Vision seeds)​

    I will name them A/B/C until they are identified.

    No idea exactly how far along any of them are.

    Pics from Feb 27th:

    Durban Poison (got some help in another thread re what to look for when it is time to harvest):
    2-(top).jpg 3 (bud).jpg

    1 (whole).jpg 3 (bud).jpg 4 (bud).jpg

    1 (whole).jpg 3 (bud).jpg 4-(bud).jpg
    1-(whole).jpg 3-(bud).jpg

    I have more pics to post but it keeps saying there was an error, will try edit them in...

    Will try to take current pics soon, it's hard to take photos where the plants are, unfortunately.

    Anyway, mostly hoping I can match each of the 3 strains to A/B/C, and also best time to harvest each.
  2. They're all not ready yet. Check out this thread for help...
    How long on this Durban Poison?
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  3. Hah yup thank you, that is me though! I got some good advice re the Durban Poison in that thread, can't wait to see her fatten up soon
  4. Same advice applies on these.
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  5. When the marijuana is ready for harvest the pistils will be all orange and appear to have withdrawn. See picture related.

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  6. Sounds good thanks all (beautiful, maddgrower!), will definitely look out for those signs

    Will post pictures as they start to look different in hopes of working out which is which too

    Thanks everyone.
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