Near death:High Experience

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  1. Okay so let me start. About a year ago I was with four friends at a gas station picking up some rolling paper and Rillos( we were all stoned of our asses)
    And all of a sudden this cool black skater dude that I knew before offered us a ride.( warning shit gets trippy here) so we accept and the four of us with the driver are heading towards our friends house to chill and crash at. The black dude drove up to the gated community and there was this car In front of us, it was an Indian dude with a turban , and he opened the gate. We didn't have the electronic pass to open the gate and the black dude ran the gate at EIGHT+ mph( he hit the little barrier thing then drove away) we stop at the back of the community and he got out of his car and felt the roof( ps we taught we were gonna die) he came back into the car angry then said" this y'all stop" we got
    Out said thanx, then laughed it off at our friends house.

    Sorry if it's too long.
    Tell us about your near death experiences?
  2. Wow, gee 8 miles? Thats fast!
  3. this thread is fail.
  4. Didnt understand it because 50% is in english
  5. At first I thought he obviously meant eighty, but ludicrous speed can start at 8 miles an hour when you're that stoned. I for one am glad you made it out alive :p
  6. I used to meet my friend after work on a bridge behind a restaraunt and we used to hang out and smoke. One night he didnt have any bud but instead had some k2. I had never tried it b4 and didnt understand why he just didnt buy bud. So anyway we set my bong up on this bridge and we sit down. I take my rip and hold it in for as long as I can. I then stand up and passed the fuck out. My head hit the ground and my friend claims that I was twitching or seizering lol but I think he was just high and paranoid.
  7. I would want to tell my story, but it'd just make us bud tokers look I won't discuss it here.

  8. Agreed.

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