Near death experiences

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  1. So I was thinking randomly about near death experiences. How some say when you die for a short period, ie heart failure then being resesitated. That they have crazy experiences like floating out of there body. You can read more by just googling near death experiences and the thousands of testimonys and ideas about what causes them.

    Now I was thinking. Have any of these people heard of the drug dmt? I was told it was the same chemical your brain realses when you die. So are these people who claim to have seen god, watched themselfs from above (plenty of crazy experiences from the little I've read), actually just having a super hard dmt trip? From my experiences with dmt, it is exactly like 99% of their experiences. Now there are scientific studies going on to figure out what causes this...have any of them thought to look at the chemical dmt? It makes perfect since to me. Then again I'm high so I was to get some feedback and see if this makes any since. Talk about a random idea...
  2. Yes, they have come to the conclusion about dmt and NDE. Many studies have been done. Watch the movie called the spirit molecule! Really cool flick
  3. Have you ever induced a trip? If so please share! I had a few my self. Lol

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