near death experiance

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  1. so some years back before i found pot i was a depressed piece of shit.
    blah blah blah it sucked,life sucked,everything sucked.ya know typical emo attitude.i was a somewhat gothic kid back then.and if i saw the old me right now,id probably kick his ass for being a god damn fool.
    anyways to the story:

    oneday i was like "you know what,fuck this bullshit" and downed 27 benedryl(according to everyone it was benedryl but i coulda swore it was sleepin pills),but the benedryl does explain the intense trip i had.after takin the last pill i was already feeling very sleepy,so i said my goodbye to all my friend who were on aim and whatnot.they all tried to get me to stop,but there was onegirl,who said,if its what you want and what will make you happy...then do it...that kidna surpised i took the last pill,left an away message up and went to sleep.i woke up and it was super early in the morning,daybreak i should say.and i was totally ripped outta my mind.this was before i took drugs and i didnt know what the hell was going on.the room i was in,it seem totally and utterly warped,but i knew it was my room.i looked at my arms and my veins were everywhere,and they were grey? i relized that this was it,that im seriously gonna i stood up,and shit i felt like 5 billion pounds,i staggered to the bathroom and tried to puke,it was useless.i couldnt puke anything up,it was all already in my system.i faced death and said,well theres nothign i can do cept die now,so i went back to sleep.a day or so later i wakeup in the hoispitol totally trippin my head off.i wokeup and the doctors said this is gonna hurt...

    and i said,"whats gonna hurt" and then boom,pain pain was horrible,i dont kno what they did but it hurt and it hurt badly,but just for a few seconds and then it went away.i sighed and passed out again until the next afternoon.the nurse that came to my room was very nice....and very hot mite i add.she asked me if i wanted to walk for a little bit.i took her offer and took a small walk with her and talked a little with her.then i went back to the hospitol room,few minutes later some cops entered and i though "oh in trouble".they asked me why i took the pills and whatnot and why i had slashes on my arms.well i dont remmeber my answers at all cuz after they entered everythin kidna went into a blackout.

    i spent the next 2 weeks at a fuckn place where fucked up people stay until they arent fucked up anymore was gay.

    i dont get it,the docters said i coulda died,but thats not enough beendryl to kill someone with my weight,im glad i didnt know that before i took them.

    well sad story,emo story,makes me feel like shit everytime i recall it but eh its a story.anyone else have a life or death experiance?
  2. Wow.... I'm a bit speechless as to your story. You need seriously need some help bro. I was once like you, but now Im just more mellow. I still have my issues but taking shit that you are not even sure of what it was(you said so yourself your friends said it was benedryl) is not a healthy thing to do.

    I myself had a close encounter with death. Try 12 hours of surgery followed by 4 day/nights of heavy doses of morphine with no food whatsoever in you(I didnt eat for 5 days). When that medicine starts to wear off, and they legally cant give you anymore dosage until that clock hits the next hour, your are in H E L L.
  3. ouch man, i'm happy you've changed your life +rep
  4. Looks like a cry for some fuckin attention, god damn emo kids just dont realize how much they take for granted.
  5. lesast your not a peice of shit nemore ..
  6. im not an emo kid anymore you shithead
  7. so are you on anti depressents now or something.
  8. shit homie i remember when i was a lil emoish back in the day i think pot is a miracle it helps ppl like u mellow out its great

    toke on my friend:smoking:
  9. no i dont take anti depressants.

    i dont use pills for emotion shifts i use them to get high Lol
  10. Damn I use to feel exactlty (I think) the way you did back then. But I wasn't emoish. I tried suicide about four times. Two times tryin to slash my wrists, one time tryin to hang myself, and once taking pills. But then something amazing hapened, I met Mr. Kush. Ever since then I've been a kick-back enjoy life type of guy. Im ranting, so Peace.
  11. fuck that if ur callin me emo?
  12. K... I for one havent ever had an ''emo'' stage in my life.. how many people actually have?
  13. lol no im not i was tellin the other person who called me emo to piss off basically
  14. damn what are you like superman or something
  15. jesus christ, every time some feels down or some shit like that, automatically they are some "emo fag"......gets on my nerves(not to the o.p i just do not like people referring to it as "emo")

    i am glad you didn't die man as suicide is a very serious thing, had it not been for others in my life i most likely would have done it a few years ago....not really good friends just the thought of them and family being sad over what i had done is enough to make me stray away from anything like that

    good thing they werent really sleeping pills
  16. damnn man thats insane
  17. near death... me and my friend were racing someone in his car when he hit a pothole. the car flipped a good 6-7 times and landed on the side of a hill. i stayed awake, whereas my friend blacked out. i kicked out what was the rest of the window and dragged my friend out. someone called 911 and the ambulance took us to the hospital. all i had was some whiplash, a fat lip, chipped tooth, and s bruised rib or two. my friend had a broken collar bone and a few broken ribs. it took a good 2-3 months to recover for him, where i was out in a week. we both wore seatbelts, but they didnt tighten up like they were supposed to but at least we didnt die. if i can get a pic of the wrecked car of his ill post it up.
  18. what the hell is "emo"?

  19. Emo (an abbreviation of "emotionally-driven Hardcore punk") is a term now broadly used to describe almost any form of guitar-driven alternative rock that expresses emotions beyond traditional punk's limited emotional palette of alienation and rage. It is also used to describe fans of this genre, most commonly teenagers.
  20. I'm not calling you emo (if your talking to me).
    I just got here, and I dont want any trouble. LAWL
    I'm about to hit the bong.

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