Neanderthals, then and now.

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  1. I'm listening to the clan of the cave bear series. And one of the main themes is that they can't talk verbal but talk with their hands, ala sigh language.

    But with the info we have now, Would this still be viable? The author really tried to keep to factual knowledge at the time when it concerned them.

    And though some of her ideas in the book was controversial at the time, namely the interbreeding of us and them, but has been proven correct.

    Interesting stuff to speculate. How would this series be different if it was written with today's knowledge?
  2. Oh come in people. Speculate a bit. Or am I the only one on the forum that even knows about that series? I would figure some of the older members would know.
  3. I watched something saying neanderthals did not have complex vocal language but did communicate lightly through voice. Also their voices could have possibly been 2 octaves higher than modern humans.
  4. I watched a documentary telling me Neanderthals might still be around lol. Said we pushed them deep into jungles and forests where we humans have never explored. Talked about how it took use 65 years to find a Panda bear, which everyone used to think was a myth until a hunter found one, then it took them 65 years to find another because they live in deep thick areas. And yet they are incredibly dumb, lazy, and only eat bamboo. Imagine neanderthals who are much more intelligent, eat everything, and can move long distances.. interesting stuff.

    And I always thought they communicated through grunts and such, and also sign language.
  5. That book series kicks ass - lots of sexytime here and there in wierd way. I bet it was just grunts and faces dude- watch the movie though it is cool.
  6. I have a feeling they were a lot more cultured than we realise. They may have had different priorities, needs, and a more basic language system perhaps, but there's no reason to believe they didn't love and care and imagine and dream and express creativity, just like we do.

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