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Neal33's Colorado Meds

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by neal33, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Hope you all enjoy! I will do my best to keep this as updated as possible.

    Lemon Diesel


    Sour Diesel

    Caviar (Buds soaked in hash oil and the rolled in keif)

    Coagulated Hash Oil (solid hash oil)

  2. Hey neal, wanna chill? :smoke:
  3. Nice Lemon Sour D!
  4. lookin amazin bruh.

    the table looks heavy as fuck..
  5. that caviar sounds like it would be incredible, enjoy that shit man
  6. So yeah in so moving to Colorado hahahaha....
  7. Very nice buds. Just picked up some Colorado Durban Poison...very bomb.
  8. looking great dude cant wait to see some more.
    I'd definitely like some of that caviar ;P

  9. Its great... my apartment smells lemony fresh every time I grind it up.

    I'm loving it, it burns soo slow. Doesn't take much of it to do the job at all!

    Hopefully I'll have a couple more pics up tomorrow or the day after, I am running low after all.
  10. I masturbated to that caviar.
  11. Cheeba Chew Deca Dose

    Durban Poison

    OG Kush

    Had to get some more earwax
  12. lemon sour d must taste great! kool thread, keep posting

  13. I plan on it dude. I just want to get a better camera to take pictures with. Can you believe I am taking these with my iphone.
    I am loving the hash out here!
  14. Herojuana

    Pineapple Chunk
  15. Grinder looks like mine
  16. i jizzed when i saw that caviar... enjoy man + rep
  17. sick pickups dude, reppin colorado nicely.

    nice to meet another blade from CO.
  18. Nice dank check out my pickups.
  19. I was wondering if I was missing out because my wife didn't wanna move to california, but having seen this thread, def glad I'm moving to denver next year

    Nice pickups! Can't wait to see more

  20. Dude please tell me you are also an ent! Does your grinder also have a pineapple on the top of it?

    Muchas gracias dude, I hope to do the state proud... lemme know if you're ever up in the denver area!

    While I havent been into any shops in cali, I have smoked their buds before. Honestly colorado is on par if not better than cali, especially when it comes to hash. In the end though, it is all down to the grower.

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